July 25, 2024


A Celebration of Friendship, Growth, and the Magic of the Moment

By Carmen Greger

The clock strikes the appointed hour. A palpable buzz of excitement, anticipation, and joy sweeps through the high school corridors as the school day comes to a close. It’s prime time to prep for the annual grandeur, the exalted ritual of passage — it’s prom night.

Prom is more than just a dance; it’s a celebration of friendship, of growing up, of stepping over the threshold from adolescence into adulthood, all wrapped in a mystic shroud of music, magic, and memory-making. It’s a night when stars descend from the sky to light up high school corridors,  gymnasiums and creatively outsourced venues, a night to embrace life, and to create memories that will be cherished, to be carried forth as precious treasures into the labyrinth of life.

For many, the aura of prom has evolved over the years. The erstwhile practice of ‘Promposals’, once considered a charming prelude, has started to fizzle out. In its stead, there’s a rising trend of friends attending the prom together, going as ‘friend dates’ or ‘prom pals’. By forgoing the pressures of traditional dates and attending as a group of friends, high schoolers are transforming the narrative of prom night, making it a more inclusive, enjoyable, and communal experience.

The choice of transportation to prom is as diverse as the students themselves. It ranges from the classic limousine to hired SUVs with drivers, self-driven cars, parent-driven vehicles and even trolleys. The more adventurous might opt for a rented high-end sports car or a bustling party bus. The tech-savvy prefer the ease of an Uber X or Uber Black, the advantage being their availability at the click of a button, pre-reserved for a smooth ride home. Each choice has its unique charm and cost, adding an extra layer of excitement and planning to the prom experience.

Every prom has a unique theme, painting an idyllic atmosphere of romance, whimsy, or adventure. Pre-prom parties and post-prom gatherings are perfect platforms for showcasing creativity, from the simple joy of a backyard barbecue to an elegant garden party under twinkling fairy lights.

Above all, prom night is a poignant testament to the friendships forged in high school. These bonds, nurtured through shared laughter, tears, and dreams, are often lifelong, continuing to flourish well beyond the confines of high school.

Prom-goers, as you step forward into the world of college or a career, cherish and nurture these connections. They have been instrumental in shaping you, and they hold the potential to continue enhancing your understanding of life and its endless possibilities. Technology, in this respect, proves a boon. Platforms like Zoom, FaceTime, or even a simple text message allow for easy, regular communication with these dear, forever friends. It keeps the bond alive, nourishing it for a lifetime.

There’s a certain magic to prom pictures. They capture the essence of a fleeting moment and transform it into a timeless memory. As Aaron Siskind beautifully put it, “Photographs are a way of imprisoning reality… One can’t possess reality, one can possess images.” Prom pictures hold within them live memories, sparking to life, dancing well beyond space and time, each time you glance upon them.

As you prepare for prom night, remember the promising words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Prom night is a celebration of not only who you are today, but also the person you’re growing into. Embrace the journey, embrace life, and most importantly, be safe & responsible, and have lots of fun.

As you step onto the dance floor, twinkling like the shining stars above in your prom attire, allow yourself to be swept away by the enchanting magic of the night. Make memories, celebrate friendships and bask in bountiful presence and infinite potential.

Prom night isn’t just a night; it’s a milestone — a unique blend of laughter and tears, friendships and farewells, and the kaleidoscopic whirl of adolescence giving way to the dawn of adulthood.

As you sway to the rhythm of the music, look around at the sea of familiar faces, each one a canvas of shared stories and emotions. These are the people you’ve grown up with, cried and laughed with, the ones who’ve been your support system during trying times, and the ones who’ve cheered you on during your victories.

Each prom comes with a plethora of vibrant traditions and symbols. From the nominations of the Royal Court, to the corsage and boutonniere exchange, to the crowning of the prom king/queen/royalty, these exciting and ever-evolving rituals are imbued with a sense of nostalgia and continuity. They are threads that weave together generations of high schoolers, bonding them in shared experiences and emotions.

And when the clock nears midnight, the dance floor begins to empty, the music softens, and the magic begins to recede, remember to carry that spark in your heart. As the lights dim and the echoes of laughter fade, know that this night, this very moment, has been captured in the cosmos of time, immortalized forever in the annals of your memory.

Prom night is an end, but it’s also a beginning. It’s a goodbye to childhood, but it’s also a warm welcome to adulthood. It’s an end of an era, but it’s also the dawn of a new one. As you embark on this new journey, remember to carry these memories with you, for they are the stepping stones to your future. They are the sparks that will light up your path and guide you on your way.

So, dear high schoolers and prom-goers, as you stand on the cusp of adulthood, with the promise of a beautiful tomorrow twinkling in your eyes, remember this: Life is an extraordinary journey, and every moment is a new beginning. Embrace it, cherish it, and celebrate it.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain

Prom night is the commencement of this exploration. It’s a celebration of your journey thus far and the countless adventures that lie ahead. It’s a testament to your resilience, your growth, and your unending potential. As you step out of the high school nest and soar towards your dreams, remember to treasure these memories, these friendships, these moments that have helped shape the extraordinary person you’ve become.

Remember, prom night is but a single note in the symphony of your life. But, oh, what a beautiful note it is! So, go forth, be safe, dance, laugh, dream, and create memories that will last a lifetime. After all, prom is not just about a night; it’s about celebrating you, your friendships, and the magical journey of life itself.

Oh wait! It’s not over yet…. it’s time for the after-party!

What a brilliant new tradition it is for the school itself to open its mind, heart and doors to host, along with a plethora of parent volunteers.  How wise and wonderful to extend the joy and jubilation with this thoughtful and nurturing offer of a safe and spirited (sans the spirits) encore to the Promenade.  Goofy games and profitable prizes keep the kids excited, engaged and eager for more, hardly aware that the clock strikes 5am, the sun has risen to unveil the first embracing dawn of the rest of their beautiful lives.