May 28, 2024

Founders is an Internet resource that goes back to 1999 when it was founded with the intention to offer an innovative system for newspaper, magazine and other online publishers to realize revenue from the digital distribution of the original journalism they produce. As years went by, we saw many things change in front of our eyes, including the sunset of the original website and the takeover by a new owner. However, despite this change the resource’s commitment to promoting best practices of journalism in the World Wide Web remained as strong as ever.

The force spearheading the development of the current website is Danil Rudoy, the author of “Martina Flawd” and “Love Is Poetry” whose endless passion for the written word and its transcendental magic has marked his life journey since infancy. With a considerable background in both writing and digital marketing, Mr. Rudoy serves as both the source of inspiration and editor-in-chief of since 2019. This is what Mr. Rudoy says about his role:

“It is very rare that a domain with an immaculate history in a respectable niche gets to keep living to its own high standards. What happens most of the time is that, when good domain are let go of, they are picked up by spammers who turn them into all sorts of shady and illegal things. To think that something like would happen to was inadmissible, so I did my best to protect the domain and make sure it serves the purpose it had been created for originally.

I understand my own limitation when it comes to a domain like that. I am a poet who also writes prose, so the role of editor-in-chief is not something I have been accustomed to. At the same time, this is a terrific opportunity to get outside my comfort zone and explore writing from another perspective.

Prose and poetry don’t exist in a vacuum, and media and the press play a huge role in shaping the readers’ environment where they eventually produce an impact. So, ironic as this may sound, by tapping into the world of journalism and the press industry I become a holistic writer who is aware of much larger things than the scope of his personal creative process and its oucomes. And that, in turn, makes me better at what I enjoy the most: finding the right words to describe the thoughts are feelings that should become known to everyone.”