May 28, 2024


The number of websites on the Internet is staggering, and most of them are bad. This creates a difficult challenge for good writers who lack the technical and marketing resource to break through the ranking wall the search engines create between them and their audience. Despite the tales about quality content being king that Google tells you (likely knowing that nobody except for novices believes them), the best content published on a website that lacks the backlink strength is doomed to remain unknown. On the other hand, a bad piece of content featuring cute cats and mediocre gifs furnished with stale jokes stolen from last night’s tipsy stand-up performance will often get enough traction on social media to attract thousands of users who have nothing better to do than let the time of the life slip through their fingers. As time goes by, the situation promises to get worse as the few behemoth websites with a commanding lead in backlinks will have any content they produce rank while creators who can’t compete would have to keep resorting to cats to get any visibility for what they create.

Journalism Online’s mission is to change the status quo

Journalism Online is a web resource whose history goes back to 1999. By focusing on the best principles of journalism, over the last two decades it gathered a significant number of backlinks, allowing to minimize the amount of scorn Google typically displays toward websites that are not Facebook or Amazon. This makes Journalism Online an excellent platform for modern writers and journalists seeking visibility for their quality content. Once their original, captivating, non-trivial texts producing true value are properly optimized, the seasoned magic of the domain comes into play, propelling that content a lot higher on search engines than most private Internet websites can. And the best part is: this service is free.

Content writers, journalists, novelist, poets, playwrights, and everyone else who creates original literary texts can submit their work for Journalism Online‘s editorial review. Moreover, they can supplement their submissions with links to other Internet resources of their choice (naturally, their suitability will also be evaluated). Authors seeking to promote themselves and their published works are not to be disappointed either: if the submitted text is deemed adequate to Journalism Online’s high-quality standards, any promotional and supplemental materials have the right to remain part of the submitted content.

Journalism Online is for top content only

The challenge, however, is to produce truly original, high-quality work. The amount of rewriting and plagiarism taking place online is hard to imagine for those who don’t deal with web texts, so before you rejoice at what may seem an easy way to leverage a seasoned website’s authority for your profit take a deep breath. Journalism Online is a haven for those authors and journalists who can think on their own and tell the world something that (1) it doesn’t know yet, and (2) is worth knowing.

Moreover, Journalism Online aims to unite the blessed possessors of the literary talent who are fed up with the thriving cultural degradation of the XXI century and seek ways to turn the mercenary tide in favor of the common good. So, if your idea of the common good is that of something others should work toward while you reap the profits, it is pointless to spend time submitting anything to Journalism Online because you would only be trying to fool yourself.

If, however, your heart is full of passion for things that money can’t buy; if you are willing to work long and hard even if the reward is not guaranteed but ephemeric; and if you truly believe that what you have to say should resonate in eternity like the words of William Shakespeare, Ernest Hemingway, or Hunter Tompson, you have just come across yet another step on the stairwell to heaven, and it is up to you how far above you’ll be able to get.

Don’t miss your chance.

Danil Rudoy, Editor-in-Chief.