April 25, 2024
Jacqueline Herron

Jacqueline Herron on How Physical Activity Helps Improve Mental Health

Jacqueline Herron grew a deeper appreciation for a holistic approach to health throughout her educational journey. One of the things that stood out and had a positive impact on Jacqueline Herron’s life was how much increasing one’s physical activity can positively impact their mental well-being. Today, Jacqueline Herron will help explain how prioritizing one’s exercise routine can also help improve their overall mental well-being.

Many people who exercise regularly will do it because they notice they feel physically better. It’s not often that someone is looking to obtain the physique of a professional bodybuilder. It’s more likely that they are someone who notice that they feel better about themselves after a workout than they did before exercising. Jacqueline Herron notes that exercising causes the brain to change the levels of serotonin, stress hormones and endorphins in the brain. These endorphins can help anyone gain a boost in their mood, concentration, and alertness. This is a feeling that people will often look to replicate as often as possible.

If you are someone who has struggled with anxiety or depression, it can be difficult to gain the motivation to get active. The complication comes from a lack of physical activity lowering the chemical levels in the brain that inspire people to get up and get moving. For this reason, Jacqueline Herron recommends finding a partner who wants to commit to making a change in their life. Having someone else to encourage you on a day where the struggle to find motivation is high is a great way to continue to stay consistent with a workout plan.

Those who turn to exercise will often find that they are not only able to fall asleep faster but they enjoy a higher quality of sleep. Jacqueline Herron notes that improved sleeping patterns can help regulate one’s mood swings and provide them with the energy they need to approach the day from a place of positivity. Much of what people stress about can return to a fear of losing control. The situations that we are not in control of can increase stress levels. Exercise is something that people can fully control. Each individual can set exercise goals and is in charge of reaching those goals. Each goal that is met can provide an instant boost to one’s self-esteem, which is critical to improving one’s mental health.

Jacqueline Herron recommends working out without a cell phone on hand. One of the toughest challenges of modern mental health is providing the brain with enough breaks from screens. So many people are connected to a laptop, a tablet, a mobile phone, or a television screen at all hours of the day. By setting the phone aside and getting lost in a workout, it allows a person to grow completely distracted from the outside world and any negative thoughts that they may have experienced otherwise. Exercising properly can be a fantastic form of active meditation. Jacqueline Herron also notes that physical activity is a great way to get out some frustration in a healthy way. Instead of burying negative feelings down deep, they can be pushed out with every chest press or every hammer squat.

Jacqueline Herron understands that the thought of exercising regularly can feel overwhelming at first. The most difficult part is getting started. For those who are afraid of the commitment, Jacqueline Herron believes the good news is that exercise doesn’t have to be a crazy time commitment. Moderate-intensity workouts for 30 minutes to an hour four days a week can have a tremendous impact on one’s mental health.

There’s no set workout plan for those looking to enjoy physical and mental health benefits. The key is consistency week in and week out. Jacqueline Herron notes that for some people traditional weightlifting after joining a gym will be their outlet. Others may find that they enjoy going outside and walking or jogging. For those who find both of these options boring, Jacqueline Herron recommends looking up different organized sports leagues. Whether a person is a star player or just someone looking to kick the ball around or shoot some hoops, there are different skill levels available. Competition is typically tailored to the needs of the individual. These games are a great way to get some exercise without feeling like a traditional workout.

Finally, Jacqueline Herron encourages people to try new forms of exercise. One never knows when they will fall in love with a particular activity. If one option doesn’t pan out, there are plenty of other exercises to enjoy.