July 25, 2024
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Jared DeFlurin of Boston The Best Way to Spend a Summer Day in Beantown

Jared DeFlurin of Boston firmly believes that Boston is one of America’s best summer cities. The brutal winters of the Northeast can undoubtedly be difficult, but residents will tell you that there’s nothing quite like a Boston summer. With many tourists choosing to visit the city this summer, Jared DeFlurin of Boston will provide the best ways to spend a summer day in Boston from a local’s point of view.

While it may sound like a tourist answer, there are few better ways to spend a summer evening than taking in a Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park. Fenway is the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball, like a living, breathing baseball shrine. Whether the Sox are competing for a pennant or bringing up the rear of the American League East, Fenway Park is jam-packed with loyal fans. Even those who aren’t huge baseball fans will get a kick out of the pure history surrounding you inside the famous stadium. Fenway Park is also home to many summer concerts, so Jared DeFlurin of Boston recommends looking out for your favorite band or artist.

One of the many reasons Jared DeFlurin loves Boston in the summer is the proximity to the water. There are so many different ways to enjoy the nearby Atlantic Ocean. For starters, multiple companies run sunset cruises. It’s the perfect way to spend a date night. There are also whale-watching adventures, fishing excursions, and more. If staying outside the city, the ferries into town provide a perfect way to enjoy sightseeing and sunshine.

Jared DeFlurin of Boston always makes it a point to check out America’s first botanical garden each summer. Anyone who appreciates nature will highly enjoy the amazing flower beds. It’s a great place to schedule a picnic on a summer afternoon or to bring a camera for some landscape photography. The area has a ton of space for kids to run around or to simply sit on a bench and get caught up in a favorite book.

Jared DeFlurin recommends pairing lunch at the Botanical Garden with a trip to one of the many local museums in the city. The JFK Library offers a great place to feel more presidential, or there’s breathtaking art to enjoy at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. These museums offer some much-needed air conditioning on a hot summer’s day, so it’s a good plan if it’s too hot for sightseeing.

Of course, the food scene in Boston is known for its seafood. Not only does the area have some of the freshest lobsters in the world, but the oysters are second to none. Every restaurant worth its salt will provide local oysters on the half shell on their menu. While clam chowder may make more sense in the winter months, it’s still available for those wanting to try one of America’s most iconic soups. Jared DeFlurin won’t judge anyone who orders the chowder – no matter how hot it may be outside.

When dining in Boston in the summer, Jared DeFlurin recommends taking advantage of one of the fantastic restaurants that offer meals along their terrace. Most of the best options sit along The Charles. There are also nearby rentals available of everything from stand-up paddleboards and kayaks to single-rider canoes.

One thing every American visiting Boston has to do at least once is walk the Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail is 2.5 miles of American history. There are plenty of guided tours along the trail, but there’s plenty to see without a professional and plenty of signs to show exactly what happened along that path around the nation’s birth in 1776. It’s also a great place to start a vacation day, as it has tourist attractions. The Freedom Trail takes visitors straight toward Thaniel Hall, which has a bevy of different restaurants. It’s the ideal place to stop for lunch.

What people quickly learn when they visit Boston is that it’s a city that is extremely walkable. Jared DeFlurin loves how you can be dropped off in just about any part of town and be able to find something exciting to do by yourself, with a loved one, or with the entire family. Anyone with some accrued vacation time to burn would be wise to choose a Boston vacation this summer season!