April 21, 2024
Dr. Wael Berro

Dr. Wael Berro Provides Back-to-School Health Tips to Follow

Dr. Wael Berro has dedicated his life to coaching health and wellness. As someone who practices family medicine, Dr. Wael Berro understands that the start of a new school year is a typical time to see a spike in common illnesses like colds, sore throats, and stomach bugs. Today, Dr. Wael Berro will provide some tips so that parents can care for their children’s health and ensure that they are physically and emotionally prepared to have their best school year yet.

Few things are as valuable to a child’s health as proper hand washing. Dr. Wael Berro recommends teaching kids to sing the alphabet or Happy Birthday song from start to finish while scrubbing their hands. Ensuring a child doesn’t rush this activity can help stop the spread of germs. Dr. Wael Berro recommends that children pack some hand sanitizer if a school allows it. When a child understands that they should regularly clean their hands, it can lower their risk of catching a common school illness.

In addition to handwashing, Dr. Wael Berro recommends teaching the proper sneezing method. Kids will often sneeze directly into their hands. Teach them to turn and sneeze into the crook of the elbow. This is a great way to curb the spread of germs.

Now is an excellent time to ensure a child has their annual check-up scheduled with their primary physician. Dr. Wael Berro notes that these visits may be mandatory before the school year as kids often have to show proof of up-to-date immunizations before entering the school. Different grade levels and different states have different vaccination standards. An annual check-up during the summer months is a great way to ensure that a child is up to date on all necessary vaccines. The CDC has also suggested that children and families get the flu vaccine every fall to help lessen the likelihood of missing multiple days from school due to flu symptoms.

Dr. Wael Berro believes that the back-to-school season presents the perfect opportunity to get kids back into a steady routine. There are a number of health benefits for adolescents who get 7-8 hours of quality sleep. In addition to setting a standard bedtime, Dr. Wael Berro recommends getting children in the habit of avoiding video games or tv right before bed. Utilizing the time before bed to read a book can help limit the risk of digital eye strain and increase the likelihood of quality sleep.

It’s not uncommon for families to pack summer nights with family barbecues, ice cream parties and more. The back-to-school season is a great time to get back on track with healthy meals. Dr. Wael Berro believes parents should ensure their child is prioritizing a nutritional breakfast. Not only does quality food combined with sleep help improve a person’s immune system, it also helps keep them more alert throughout the school day, likely leading to better grades.

Understanding that soft drink companies spend millions of dollars on their marketing budgets every year, Dr. Wael Berro understands it’s not always easy to get a child to stick to water. Proper hydration is pivotal to enhancing brain function, improving one’s mood, preventing fatigue, and aiding the digestive process. Dr. Wael Berro recommends teaching kids about water’s benefits and ensuring that the house is not filled with soft drinks and other sugary drinks.

Dr. Wael Berro is a major proponent of active lifestyles. Many kids are active during the summer months and then start to fall into a routine of sitting all day at school and then sitting all night. Sports and exercise are daily activities that can help a student stay healthy, reduce stress, and enjoy a more positive mood. Not every child wants to participate in organized sports, so parents who have children who aren’t on the local sports team can look to encourage activities like family walks or bike rides. The key is to keep moving.

Finally, Dr. Wael Berro believes parents must be aware that the back-to-school period of the year can be stressful for a child. Whether it’s fear of transitioning to a new school or the fear of falling behind academically, kids need to know that their parents are there to listen. Having an outlet to discuss any back-to-school trepidations is a great way to keep a kid happy and healthy.