July 25, 2024

James Breuhl of Thibodaux, Louisiana, On The Best Seasonal Produce for The Fall Season

As the Vice President of Fresh at Rouses Supermarket, James Breuhl of Tibodaux, Louisiana, is frequently asked for food recommendations. Shoppers understand that certain produce items are fresher during different parts of the calendar year. As most of the country is starting to feel the first hints of fall in the mornings and evenings, James Breuhl of Thibodaux, Louisiana, thought it would be the perfect time to discuss what produce items are must-purchases for those looking to enjoy the freshest produce items this autumn season.

James Breuhl of Tibodaux, Louisiana, notes that one of the easiest ways to remember what produce items are most in season during the fall is to think of the colors that most resemble the autumn season. Many of the freshest produce items are the same colors as the changing leaves: red, orange, yellow, and brown. Of course, all fruits and vegetables can be enjoyed throughout the season, but when it comes to freshness and exceptional taste, James Breuhl of Tibodaux, Louisiana, recommends choosing from the produce items mentioned below.

James Breuhl of Tibodaux, Louisiana, believes that pumpkins are the essential fall produce item. The fall season is the best time to enjoy everything from roasted pumpkin seeds to pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin muffins. If pumpkins are something that you carve around Halloween and then ignore the rest of the year, James Breuhl of Tibodaux, Louisiana, recommends adding some pumpkin-based dishes into your fall dining routine.

James Breuhl of Tibodaux, Louisiana, has seen a significant uptick in avocado interest throughout his years in the supermarket industry. Avocados are one of the most versatile pieces of produce as they can replace fat in practically any recipe. While most think of avocados for guacamole, and for good reason, avocados can also be a welcome addition to toast, sandwiches, tacos, and much more. James Breuhl of Tibodaux, Louisiana, recommends eating avocados soon after purchase or looking up how to store them to ensure maximum flavor properly.

Apples are a delicious fall fruit. James Breuhl of Tibodaux, Louisiana, believes you can noticeably taste how much better an apple is during the fall season. Whether you love them on their own or dipped in peanut butter, apples pack a punch of citrus that is hard to beat. Not to mention, everyone loves a fresh apple pie around the Thanksgiving holiday. Much like apples, cranberries are fresh during the fall months. Cranberries are a delight in autumn, whether as part of a recipe or as a standalone fruit.

Much like avocados, brussel sprouts have increased in popularity over the last decade. One of the biggest reasons is that people are starting to prepare them differently. James Breuhl of Tibodaux, Louisiana, explains that anyone who has only had a boiled brussel sprout is really missing out, as they are much better when they are roasted or popped in the air fryer. Brussel sprouts can provide entirely different flavors based on how they are prepared.

Oranges are in season during the autumn season and the timing could not be better as cold and flu season demands that people start to up their Vitamin C. Grapes are another fantastic fall fruit. James Breuhl of Tibodaux, Louisiana, will routinely turn to grapes as his snack on an Autumn day. The final fruit James Breuhl of Tibodaux, Louisiana, will mention is raspberries. Raspberries in the fall provide a great source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. A fresh raspberry’s rich color and juicy taste is tough to beat.

While James Breuhl certainly understand why one would think that winter squash is fresher in the winter, it’s actually the ideal autumn-season vegetable. One of the best ways to enjoy a winter squash is to peel it down to strips and have it replace spaghetti. It provides a healthier meal for the family and it tastes just as good!