May 28, 2024

The 6 Biggest Criminal Cases in American History

The American public is often irked by crimes not on the basis of the popularity of the offender but by nature. Most are glued to their screens following proceedings, thanks to Court TV and 24-hour cable news.

From the two sources, many can watch trials on television and receive analysis of the evidence and testimony presented.

When you are unsure of how to navigate the legal system, you need to visit a criminal law firm in your area for legal counsel about your case.

Here are the 6 biggest criminal cases in American history.

O.J. Simpson

Ranking in the world as one of the most watched criminal cases, Pro Football Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson was acquitted later for the murder of his estranged wife Nicole Brown and a restaurant waiter Ronald Goldman.

From the day Simpson was handed in as a key suspect for the brutal murder to the time the jury gave a final verdict. Americans watched all the twists and turns of events in the case.

Simpson was later acquitted by the criminal court but held responsible for the murder in a civil proceeding. He later served some time in prison for other related crimes.

Casey Anthony

After reporting her daughter missing in 2008, Cassey was arrested with child neglect claims the following day. The authorities revealed that cadaver dogs had picked up human flesh scents in Casey’s car.

The trail was broadcast on Cable TV, which later saw Casey being acquitted of her daughter’s death. She was guilty of giving investigators false statements.

Later on, the conviction was overturned, and Casey served about 10 days in jail. No one was ever convicted of the 2-year-old, and the body has never been found.

JonBenet Ramsey

JonBenet Ramsey’s killing remains one of the most tragic but fascinating crimes, as no one has been tried for the murder.

The 6-year-old body was found in 1996 in the family’s home in Boulder, Colorado. The suspicion landed on every member of the family, but nothing has been done since then.

In more of a tragedy, Ramsay’s mom passed away because of cancer in 2006, and another case of a guilty person for the crime the same year turned out to be untrue. To date, the case remains unresolved.

Beltway Snipers

During the 2002 fall, in about three weeks, 10 people had been shot mysteriously by an anonymous sniper in Washington, D.C. On October 3, the shooting spree had 5 people murdered in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Eventually, the search narrowed down to having 400 FBI agents that saw John Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo arrested and convicted for the crime.

Muhammad had his execution in 2009, while Malvo, a 17-year-old at the time, was sentenced to life.

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Mansion Family Murders

A revered American culture figure and cult leader, Charles Manson, gave instructions to his supporters to commit murder, which saw seven people killed in two days, including actress Sharon Tate.

The trial lasted 7 months, and all the cult members, including Manson, were charged and convicted, then later sentenced to death. Manson continuously asked for parole while in prison, which was denied until he died in 2017.

Michael Jackson

Though Michael Jackson – King of Pop, never got to be convicted of child crimes, he got the American’s attention in his 2005 trial when accused of child molestation.

The case was hastened by a documentary that showed Jackson’s Neverland compound being raided as part of the investigation. Though Jackson was acquitted, he settled with the families that accused him of child abuse before his death.


Crimes happen, and you may need help if you’re accused of one. Consider engaging an attorney who understands the complexities of criminal cases to help you have a better outcome in your case.

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