April 21, 2024
American International University Kuwait

American International University Kuwait on Studying Biotechnology – Requirements, Application Process, and Career Paths

American International University Kuwait Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology Program aims to turn students into skilled, knowledgeable Biotechnologists interested in pursuing careers in private, public, and academic fields. With a focus on molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, genomics, and bioinformatics, American International University Kuwait’s course sets pupils up for on-field success. In the following article, more details are discussed on the academic requirements, application processes and many career paths individuals may pursue.

Graduates of the Biotechnology Program will be ambitious, creative, and prepared to make waves in the advancement of medicine, environmental sciences, and agriculture. Combining biotechnology theory and recombinant DNA technology, the course puts them on the perfect path to appreciating and practicing scientific inquiry.

Basic and Complex Requirements for its Bachelor of Science Degree in Biotechnology

The American International University Kuwait course documents note that pupils in the Bachelor of Science in the Biotechnology program must complete at least 124 credits on top of satisfying all degree requirements.

American International University Kuwait officials have confirmed seven competencies that form the baseline of the learning outcomes across all degrees. However, course acceptance is only permitted once pupils successfully complete the general education program, a course that ensures every candidate has the basic skills necessary to acquire the knowledge provided during the Biotechnology Program.

On top of the general education program requirements, students must complete the following courses throughout their Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology degree:

  • Basic life mechanisms and laboratory
  • Cell biology introduction
  • Microbiology
  • Genetics
  • Physical chemistry I
  • Human physiology
  • Cellular biochemistry
  • HistologyMolecular biology and biotech
  • Biometry, bioinformatics, and bioenergetics
  • Principles and applications of biotechnology I and II
  • Senior project I and II

The American International University Kuwait also necessitates picking a specialization — clinical laboratory sciences, tissue engineering, or bioinformatics.

Biotechnology Students Can Flourish in Several Careers After Their Studies

American International University Kuwait prides itself on preparing students for a long and prosperous career in the biotechnology field, ensuring graduates have a seemingly endless list of job roles available ahead of them.

Depending on their chosen specialism, students can choose from the following career selection:

Biomedical Scientist

American International University Kuwait biomedical scientists support the diagnosis and treatment of an amalgamation of diseases via a range of scientific and laboratory tests. Former students can expect to investigate a myriad of medical conditions, such as cancer, blood disorders, AIDS, hepatitis, diabetes, and meningitis.

Disease screening, identifying causes, and monitoring medication effects are also part of the job role. To be a good fit, employers require exceptional computer literacy skills to ensure graduates assimilate with hi-tech laboratory equipment and modern techniques.

Food Technologist

Graduate biotechnology students can begin a career as food technologists who study the chemical, physical, and biological makeup of foods to craft methods for safe packaging, preserving, and processing them. Ultimately, such professionals aim to improve the flavor and nutritional value while aligning with industry/government standards.

Often working in product development, food technologists play an active role in sustainability and removing harmful food additives by creating substitutes.

American International University Kuwait
Clinical Research Associate

American International University Kuwait recommends clinical research associates as one of the leading career paths to follow upon graduating from the school’s Biotechnology Program. These professionals are responsible for setting up, managing, and supervising clinical studies for a range of medications.
Graduates can expect to work within CROs or pharmaceutical companies to assess the safety and benefits of new or investigational products.


The aptly named career path sees former students study microorganisms like algae, fungi, parasites, bacteria, and viruses in offices and labs. They should expect to conduct many experiments and analyze the results to improve science and medicine.

Employment of these professionals is projected to grow by 9% from 2021 to 2031, making it a promising option for soon-to-be AIU graduates.

Ultimately, it appears that whatever career path American International University Kuwait Biotech students take will be utterly rewarding in more ways than one.

Seamless Application Process

Former and current students can attest that the university boasts an incredibly foolproof application process for all its courses. Like their modern-day on-campus setup, AIU accepts online applications through the portal, ensuring hopeful students from near and far can gain admittance.

As of early 2023, American International University Kuwait is accepting applications for Fall 2023. So, those looking for a career in the ever-advancing field of biotechnology have happened upon this at the perfect time.