July 25, 2024
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Donnie Wayne of Jackson, Georgia, Provides Advice for Those New to CrossFit

Donnie Wayne of Jackson, Georgia, has always enjoyed fitness, but it wasn’t until he discovered CrossFit that he developed a true love of exercise. CrossFit has been growing in prominence not only in Georgia but across the United States. Donnie Wayne of Jackson, Georgia notes that CrossFit is fairly intense, so it’s important that those new to the experience understand a few common tips and tricks.

The first thing anyone new to a CrossFit gym should know is their limits. CrossFit is no different than other weight lifting exercises in that trying to lift a weight that is far too heavy can result in injury. One of the most common CrossFit exercises is called the Diane workout. In this workout, an athlete will do three sets of 21, 15, and 9 reps of deadlifts and handstand pushups. Most experienced men will be looking to deadlift somewhere close to 225 pounds with women consistently looking to rep 155 pounds on their deadlifts. Donnie Wayne of Jackson, Georgia, recommends putting any ego lifting aside. Almost everyone new to CrossFit starts at much lower weights. To scale this exercise, deadlifts can be done at a low weight and dumbbell shoulder presses can replace the handstand pushups. As time progresses, athletes should start to mix in a handstand pushup or two. Anyone who sticks to the CrossFit lifestyle will slowly start to progress to these advanced moods.

When Donnie Wayne of Jackson, Georgia, first started with CrossFit he learned from many of the experienced athletes that recovery was even more important than the workouts themselves. It’s not just about taking days off, it’s about fueling the body properly, prioritizing sleep and allowing different muscle groups to heal. By taking recovery seriously, athletes can give it their all in the gym. There’s a lot of talk of getting comfortable being uncomfortable and that’s true. However, discomfort that relates to an injury is different than discomfort of reaching a plateau. CrossFit will challenge a person both physically and mentally, but as long as the discomfort has more to do with negative thoughts creeping in, athletes can push past what they previously conceived possible.

Donnie Wayne believes he stuck with CrossFit in the beginning not because it was easy, but because he found the right box. Box refers to the CrossFit affiliate members sign up with. Every box is unique and has different daily workouts, members and goals. Taking the time to get to know what a box stands for is essential in the beginning. The ideal scenario is to find a box that has a good mix of beginners and veterans who can help the beginners on their journey.

Before diving right into a workout session, always take the time to warm-up the body. Ten to fifteen minutes of full-body stretches that prioritize functional movements can help an athlete prevent injury and maximize their time when the workout begins. Beginners should also look to take advantage of the daily group class when they get started. These group classes will focus on a particular skill in each class. Many experienced in CrossFit will get into a routine of focusing on just a singular aspect of the sport – be it Olympic weightlifting or gymnastics – by learning new skills. An athlete never knows what they may find most enjoyable in a fitness routine. These classes focus a lot on technique, which is also essential to master before progressing to more difficult routines.

As there are in any fitness community, CrossFit has a lot of people who are willing to give workout advice. Donnie Wayne of Jackson, Georgia, completely understands this because it’s a sport that becomes a lifestyle and people enjoy talking about what they love. However, those just starting out should rely on one voice to guide them at the start of their CrossFit journey. This is the voice of their coach. Information overload is a common issue for new athletes. Coaches can give great advice and are there to help.

Finally, Donnie Wayne of Jackson, Georgia, encourages anyone new to CrossFit to have a blast. It’s one of the most challenging, yet enjoyable experiences there is for an athlete at any level. When a person starts to love working out, it becomes part of a lifestyle as opposed to a dreaded box that needs to be checked each day.