May 28, 2024
Freddi Wald

Freddi Wald Shares 8 Art Exhibits by Women to See In 2022

Frederica Wald is the Deputy Chief Development Officer for Patrons at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. In this article, Freddi Wald discusses exciting female-produced art exhibits worth traveling to see.

Frederica Wald says that women artists are becoming increasingly appreciated in the art scene around the country. There are so many amazing women artists creating unique, new, impressive work right now! Here is a list of just a few to keep an eye out for. These women have exhibits either on display right now, or soon to come, that no art-lover will want to miss.

Here Freddi Wald shares notable few artists to watch with active or upcoming exhibits. This group includes artists of many mediums, including painting, video, photography, and mixed media.

1. Nneka Jones

Frederica Wald notes that this artist uses mixed media to create thought-provoking art. She uses embroidery, painting, and other everyday objects to create images that advocate for the support and care of women and girls of color. Jones produced the embroidered American flag on the cover of Time Magazine in 2020 and has since gained further recognition for her inspiring and eye-catching works.

Jones has permanent exhibits at the Furman Art Center, Florida Craft Art Gallery, and Tampa Museum of Art. Through July 2022, Freddi Wald says her work is being showcased in a special collection in the Tampa Museum of Art featuring talented female local artists.

2. Beatrice Glow

Freddi Wald explains that Beatrice Glow creates multi-media sensory experiences that showcase the intersectionalities of human culture and reflect upon the untold stories of marginalized groups. Using plants as a central theme, her pieces visually depict the stories of humanity’s history of colonialism, erasure, and power.

Frederica Wald says Glow’s work is currently featured at the Baltimore Museum of Art until October 2, 2022. The project, Once the Smoke Clears, centers around the profitable tobacco industry and its widespread cultural effects, many of them negative and disproportionately affecting underprivileged groups.

3. Pipilotti Rist

Pipilotti Rist is a Swiss video artist that creates immersive digital experiences combining vivid colors, engaging sounds, and thought-provoking images. The installations are full sensory experiences with central themes of feminism, sexuality, and the human body.

Right now her installation, Big Heartedness, Be My Neighbor, is featured at the Museum of Contemporary art in Los Angeles, according to Frederica Wald.

Frederica Wald

4. Hayv Kahraman

Hayv Kahraman is an Iraqi-American artist whose paintings highlight the beauty of the female form, as well as its objectification and suffering. Her work has been adored all over the world, from Los Angeles to Dubai according to Frederica Wald.

Right now her work is featured at the Vielmetter Los Angeles, Pilar Corrias in London, and more to come. Most of her work are paintings of women in various situations – dancing, near dead animals, near other women, contorted, nude, ect. Her work is very sought-after to collectors.

5. Nina Chanel Abney

Freddi Wald says this artist is an American creating contemporary art that touches on modern social issues. Her works contain bold colors, geometric shapes, highlighted physical features, and are extremely eye-catching. Themes include police brutality, politics, racial tensions, and black culture.

Her work can be found all over, including the Miami World center, a new shoe collaboration with Air Jordan, and soon to be the Lincoln Center in New York City.

6. Tiffany Chung

Frederica Wald explains that using maps and cartography, Tiffany Chung sheds a light on the intersectional effects of conflict that causes groups of people to migrate, become displaced, urbanize, or become refugees. She uses a variety of mediums including sculptures, video, drawings, and embroidery.

Her work surrounds global diasporas as well as smaller communities, and intimate yet wide-reaching. Her works will soon be featured in the Dallas Museum of Art beginning August 2022.

7. Genevieve Gaignard

Genevieve Gaignard is a Los Angeles based mixed-media artist who creates thought-provoking images that touch on race, class, and beauty standards says Freddi Wald. Much of her work are photographs that surround American culture and racial stereotypes.

Her This is America collection is currently on display at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, reports Frederica Wald. Her collection, Strange Fruit, is at the Vielmetter Los Angeles for viewing and contains some very powerful messages around racial inequality and America’s dark history of violent racism.


This artist is a muralist, designer, and illustrator based in Washington D.C. She creates colorful murals on city buildings that brighten up the community and tell stories. They’re fun, detailed, and vibrant.

Freddi Wald says that her work can be seen all over Washington D.C.!

This list is far from exhaustive, but the women on this list deserve a shout out for their exciting exhibits and projects. Some are just getting started, whereas others are well established and toward the end of their careers. Either way, they are all producing beautiful art that deserves to be recognized!