December 7, 2023



By Carmen Greger

Life can sometimes feel like a relentless roller coaster – with exhilarating highs and unexpected drops. But in this fast-paced world, you don’t need to wait for the next thrilling ascent; you can engineer it. This journey from misery to bliss is all about optimizing your mindset, tapping into your internal power, and choosing happiness at every turn. Here’s your comprehensive guide to doing just that.

Step into Awareness & Bliss Out
Every transformative journey begins with a single step: awareness. It’s about understanding where you currently stand. There’s a potent truth in the saying, “We get more of what we focus on.” When we divert our attention to the good, the positive, and the empowering, we naturally gravitate towards a brighter state of being.

The Power of the Written Word: Journaling
Imagine a vessel brimming with water; it’s hard to see clearly through its agitated surface. That’s our mind sometimes, filled with myriad thoughts. The act of journaling or “downloading thoughts on the page” serves as a release. It’s like pouring out some of that water, making it clearer and more tranquil. Gabby B puts it eloquently: if you ever identify negativity within those written words, simply “choose again.”


The Breath of Life
It’s fascinating how a simple, innate act like breathing can become transformative. Each breath has the power to center us, bringing us back to the present. It’s not just about inhaling oxygen; it’s about absorbing positivity, exhaling out the burdens, and grounding ourselves in the moment.

Optimal sleep is vital: make it a priority 


Movement: The Elixir for the Soul
While our modern lifestyle often chains us to desks and screens, our bodies yearn for movement. It’s not merely for the physical benefits, although those are plentiful. It’s the mental liberation, the rush of endorphins – nature’s very own mood-lifters. By deciding to move, to dance, to walk, or simply to stretch, especially while outdoors in the elements, you’re releasing pent-up energy, which can sometimes manifest as anxiety or restlessness.


Believe in Miracles & Meet the Universe Half Way to Manifest Them
Hal Elrod, in his inspiring journey detailed in his book “The Miracle Morning,” emphasizes “unwavering faith and extraordinary effort.” This belief, this unshakable confidence in oneself and in the beauty of life, lays the foundation for all other steps. It’s the magic ingredient that makes everything else work.

Action & Alignment
It’s tempting to wait for the perfect moment, the ideal opportunity. But the truth is, perfection is elusive. Instead, focus on realigning yourself every day, even if through small steps. Remember, “one small daily action step in the right direction makes a huge difference.” It’s not mere motion; it’s the momentum that takes you closer to your bliss.


Embracing Your Gifts & Discovering Your Unique Purpose
Deep within each one of us lies a unique gift, a distinct purpose. Embracing this uniqueness not only brings joy but also an unparalleled sense of fulfillment. It’s like finding your tune in the vast symphony of life.

The Joy of Giving
There’s a heartwarming truth in the idea that serving others brings unmatched bliss. Whether it’s a kind word, a helping hand, or just a smile, the act of giving has a way of reflecting joy back at us.


Being Truly Present
In a world that constantly pushes us to think of the next big thing, the power of presence becomes even more crucial. Mindfulness, meditation, and living in the ‘now’ offer a refuge from the relentless pursuit of ‘next’. Today is indeed a gift, a beautiful present waiting to be unwrapped.

Morning Rituals: Crafting Your Day
The way we begin our day often sets the tone for the hours that follow. Hal Elrod’s SAVERS routine is a testament to this. Silence (meditation), Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing (Journaling) – when combined, these acts form a powerful catalyst for positive change.

Check out for more insight from Hal on SAVERS.

Life’s journey is vast and varied. Yet, with each step we take, we have the power to choose our path. By focusing on the positive, by acting with intention, and by truly living in each moment, we can fast track our way from moments of misery to a lifetime of bliss.