September 29, 2023


Transcending the Mundane & Ephemeral for an Elevated Conversation

In the silence of our hearts, amidst the clamor of the cosmos, we find a profound connection to the universe and ourselves through prayer. This divine dialogue goes beyond the bounds of religious affiliation, extending into the spiritual realm where we form a profound bond with a force greater than our individual selves. The power & promise of prayer is undeniable, infinite and exponential.

Prayer is our awareness in full bloom, our intention radiating as we communicate with this greater entity. As we speak, whisper, or contemplate, we are reminding ourselves that we are not alone; we are connected to a higher source, an infinite ocean of consciousness. This understanding embodies the true power of prayer. It is intention, grace, gratitude, love, hope and surrender intertwined, illuminating our path to self-discovery and infinite connection.

Prayer is a communication, a receptive connection and certainly not intended to be a passive, but an integrative process, where when the individual or group in prayer opens the channels to receive divine insight, guidance and support for self, selves, and/or others, there is also a requirement, a responsibility if you will, to show up and meet the universe half way in order to assist in manifesting the miracles wished, hoped and prayed for.

Surrender is an opening to receive, but it is not a lazy state, it requires that one remains an active listener and aligns deep intentions with inspired actions in order to co-create the desired results for self, others, and all, with the Divine.

Get quiet, pray in your own way, pay mindful attention, listen very closely and show up fully aligned ready to serve in the highest way possible for the benefit of all.

“Sometimes we have t wait for God to answer our prayers because our situation is only a small part of the larger work that God is doing.”- Lisa Appelo

Each one of us is a drop of water in the vast ocean of existence, a grain of sand on the infinite beach of time, a star in the boundless cosmic firmament. We are interconnected, not only to each other, but also to the universe at large. This realization unfolds the ripple effect of prayer, elucidating the impact of our actions on multiple levels.

Each prayer we offer, every blessing we consciously and gratefully receive, every act of kindness we extend, and every moment of compassion we share sends out ripples through the cosmos, echoing in the hearts of those around us and resonating within the fabric of the universe.

Harnessing the power of prayer is a journey that transcends the realm of the five senses, venturing into the unseen but deeply felt domains of our being.The third eye, a symbol of intuition and deeper understanding, aids us in acknowledging the unseen yet powerful energies that underlie our tangible existence. These energies can be perceived as vibrations – the primordial hum of the universe – that encircle us and permeate us, connecting us to all life.

In Salutation Seal, an article published in Yoga Journal, it states that merely pressing our palms together in Anjali Mudra “completes an energetic circuit between the hands and the heart and harmonizes the two hemispheres of the brain”.  Many opt for an eyes closed, head-bowed, hands-folded approach, or simply relaxed eyes, open palms and heart to the sky.

There are countless methods, styles, formats, tools and techniques of prayer and meditation. Regardless of the methodology chosen, the purpose is one; to tune in and connect with our highest consciousness and infinite source energy.

One can pray in a church, a synagogue, a monastery, on top of a mountain, in front of the shrine in the living room, on a surfboard in the ocean, while trail running through the woods, in a chair at the office, on a bus, at bedtime, when waking up, upon hearing a dear friend has an illness, or when losing a loved one. One can pray at weddings, at funerals and when babies are born.

Pray in your car. Pray in the shower. Pray on the toilet. Just pray. You can pray at any moment of any day anywhere and in any way..

We spend so much of our time multi-tasking, often racing against the clock, that by consciously choosing to pause and take a deep breath, connect, pray, set some intentions, send some gratitude and ask for guidance, we can decrease our stress levels, increase our vibration and operate at a much higher frequency that immediately impacts our own lives and the lives of others. The positive energy that we harness and recalibrate with through prayer has an undeniable ripple effect.

“Prayer requires more of the heart than of the tongue.” -Adam Clarke

Cultivating mindfulness and harvesting peace and prosperity, begins with being present. The daily practice of stilling the mind, clearing mental clutter, and connecting with divine source offers a sanctuary for the soul. It enables us to request guidance, to express love for our kin, and to pray for health, happiness, peace and prosperity for all. This act is not simply a petition but a conscious choice to align with the frequencies of love, peace, and harmony, for our planet and beyond.

Both science and spirituality attest to the healing power of prayer and meditation. Various studies highlight their physiological benefits, such as reduced stress, lower blood pressure, and improved mental health, yet the true essence lies in their capability to facilitate a profound spiritual transformation. They connect us to to our higher power, our God, Universal Spirit, the healing vibrations of the universe, allowing us to resonate with the divine, cosmic energy that surrounds us.

“Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer.” -Maya Angelou

“We are stardust,” says Deepak Chopra, “brought to life, then empowered by the universe to figure it out.” In prayer, we understand this astounding fact. We realize that we are star dust, and we are meant to shine brilliantly along with and for the collective.

The universe, at its fundamental level, operates according to the principles of quantum physics – where everything and everyone is interconnected, influencing each other constantly. When we realize our oneness with the universe and one another, our prayers become a collective force. Coming together in unity amplifies our intentions and heightens the impact of our prayers, fostering a global community united in purpose and spirit.

To harness the power of prayer, we must open our minds and hearts, trusting in the process and surrendering to the divine wisdom that guides us. As we pray, we also listen. We tune in to the whispers of the universe and learn to decipher the messages encoded within. “Ask, and it shall be given you,” said Jesus in the New Testament (Matthew 7:7), highlighting the spiritual principle of prayer and its incredible potential.

Our actions are reflections of our inner beliefs and intentions. As we align with our highest truth, we take actions that make the impact we were born to make. Prayer aids us in this process, helping us navigate our path with divine guidance.

“God answers all prayers, but sometimes his answer is ‘no’.” – Dan Brown

In the sacred act of prayer, we are not only communicating with a higher power but also with the deepest, most authentic parts of ourselves. As we uncover our true nature, we connect to the infinite ocean of consciousness that envelopes us, realizing that we are indeed stardust, destined to shine brilliantly.

As we surrender, we are gracefully guided along our path, unfolding the divine plan that the universe has crafted for us.  We must show up actively, consistently and with presence, grace, gratitude and reception, so that we may integrate multi-dimensionally, nurture our gifts and calling completely and participate in the collaborative cultivation of peace, love and miracles on earth.

Tune in to the channels beyond what we see with the naked eye, be willing to communicate at a higher frequency, and ask and listen. Remember, we are not alone; we are infinitely connected, eternally loved, and destined to shine.

“The universe is wired with the electricity of God, and each of us is a lamp. It doesn’t matter the size or shape of the lamp; it only matters that the lamp is plugged in. With every prayer, every thought of forgiveness, every meditation, every act of love, we plug in. The more of us who plug in, the more the darkness of the world will be cast from our midst. Today, let’s all increase love’s wattage!”

-Marianne Williamson

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