May 28, 2024
Patricia Altschul Southern Charm

Patricia Altschul of Southern Charm Discusses Seasonal Décor Transitions

Patricia Altschul of Southern Charm is a socialite, designer, and avid hostess. In her home, she enjoys refreshing the décor with the changing seasons, offering a fresh perspective through living spaces. In the following article, Patricia Altschul discusses easy ways to refresh home décor for the changing tides, creating a warm, welcoming space for family and guests.

A festive house is an inviting house – especially when keeping up with the seasons.

Below, Patricia Altschul of Southern Charm discusses simple multi-season interior designs that can turn into the next house project.

Patricia Altschul Explains Starting with the Furniture

People spend most of their time indoors. But how can the homeowners make the home cozier yet up-to-date with the festivities?

Buy Neutral-Colored Furnishings and Fixtures

Neutral tones may seem like the opposite of festive. But think of neutral furniture pieces as a blank canvas. This way, it’ll be easier to add any accent or details that reflect the season, holiday, or celebration.

Patricia Altschul of Southern Charm notes however, decorating the interior space with neutral-toned furniture doesn’t mean the furnishings should be monochromatic. It just means to try buying furniture pieces with less vibrant colors – so it will not be the area’s focal point.

But how can decor accents reflect the event homeowners are observing or celebrating?

Purchasing or Creating Seasonal Decor Accents

Accents can provide a pop of color when people enter the home. Some decor accents that are useful to add to the house are:

  • Throw pillows
  • Accent chair
  • Tabletop objects
  • Vases

Patricia Altschul of Southern Charm says that these decor accents can define the space and provide a personality to the home. Don’t be afraid to get colorful with the decorative accents – and try buying the ones associated with the season.

Tip: buy auburn, amber, and black vases and place them together on the coffee table during fall. For winter, keep the red vase and place it on the side table near the green throw pillow.

But should homeowners buy all their decor? Fortunately, no.

Welcoming Nature Inside the Home

Nature defines the season. Therefore, there will be changes in the environment once a certain season begins or is in full swing. What homeowners can do is use some of what nature provides – such as the flowers, fruits, and plants that grow outdoors.

Patricia Altschul of Southern Charm notes to try cutting some of the flowers and putting them in a vase. If the homeowners have a green thumb, they can also plant some fruiting plants. These can add an appeal because plants are generally excellent home decor.

In addition, seasonal plants and flowers can also emit pleasant scents – such as the lemons during summer and the poinsettia during winter.

Tip: if the fruits are ripe enough, try making a juice or cocktail from it.

Moreover, if the budget allows, try repainting the house.

Patricia Altschul Southern Charm
Using the Seasons as a Repainting Inspiration

Scientists proved that colors can impact people’s moods. Therefore, when they walk into a home, the paint color can affect them.
That’s why it’s essential to choose the right paint color.

Patricia Altschul of Southern Charm explains that for spring or summer, paint the house with light and warm colors – these colors can potentially energize and uplift visitors and homeowners. Moreover, lighter-colored walls give the illusion that the space is bigger than it is.

Not only that, but lighter-colored paint also reflects the sunlight’s heat instead of absorbing it. Therefore, the space won’t be too hot on summer days.

For fall or winter, use green, blue, or medium colors – these can create a warm and cozy vibe. Additionally, these colors can also provide a meditative effect on people.

Patricia Altschul of Southern Charm says furthermore, teal and emerald-colored walls are currently trending – many Pinterest users share photos of house spaces with these colors on their accent walls.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when redesigning a home.

A Few Things to Consider

  • Designing or redesigning a home need not be costly. If there are DIY ways to design a home, consider doing that.
  • Many thrift furniture stores have secret gems waiting for an upcycle – try looking for them.
  • While at the thrift store, see if there are also seasonal or festive decorative items to buy.
  • If the interior design project is too difficult to DIY, hire professionals who can do it better, more efficiently, and safely.

Final Thoughts

Patricia Altschul of Southern Charm explains that designing a home is always a fun project. What makes it even better is homeowners can design it depending on the season. With a little addition of decor pieces and a change in paint color, homes can be festive and inviting.

Furthermore, hiring an interior designer can help the homeowners’ visions come to life – don’t be shy to ask for help. They’re there to redesign homes catered to the household members.