May 28, 2024
Cort Dennison Football Coach

Cort Dennison Football Coach on Building a Winning Team Culture

In the world of youth sports, Cort Dennison stands as more than just a Football Coach; he’s a dedicated mentor. In this article, Cort Dennison delves into the fundamental principles that youth sport coaches must master to forge a culture of champions within their teams.

Youth football coaches have many responsibilities, but it’s well-documented that one of the most important is instilling every member of the team with certain values. These underpinning principles will not only direct every practice session and match, but they will ensure young players turn into respectable adults with exceptional sportsmanship, discipline, and integrity.

Building a positive team culture requires coaches to uphold a plethora of values to impart onto each their players. Those well-established in the field note the below are the most vital.

Cort Dennison Discusses Integrity

While the following principles aren’t listed in any particular order, it’s no mistake that integrity comes first — it’s arguably the most crucial of them all. When instilled in young players, integrity gives them what it takes to become a leader.

Cort Dennison Football Coach says that as a coach, doing this requires keeping the well-being of each team member at the forefront of their mind. Parents and children who know they’re cared for during practices and games are more likely to support the coach’s visions for the team.

Although, integrity needs to start from the top. The head coach must be the pinnacle of this value, with the other assistant coaches following suit and remaining professional at all times.

Cort Dennison says that in practice, this necessitates rewarding players for hard work, ensuring those who’ve earned it receive playing time, and encouraging work ethic and commitment. Whether children go on to pursue football in later years or not, they’ll carry this integrity with them for the rest of their lives.

Team First

There’s no place for selfishness in football. As a team game, youth football coaches must ensure that everybody upholds the “team comes first” notion. Every mission is a team mission. There are no individual winners or losers; they win and lose as a team.

Cort Dennison Football Coach explains that during practice sessions, coaches should preach the team first mantra and facilitate it further by organizing outings and activities that strengthen bonds and build chemistry. Ultimately, this will develop trust, accountability, and a culture that serves them well both on and off the field.


Cort Dennison explains that children and enthusiasm go hand-in-hand. While coaching adult teams require less of this value, youth teams excel when coaches display this adrenaline-fueling feeling. Low-energy coaches don’t get very far in the young sporting world for this reason.

When coaches are enthusiastic at each practice, the players are far more likely to follow suit. Coaches’ behaviors rub off on their kid-filled team more than they may believe. Bringing a positive attitude lets children know their coaches actively want to be there, instilling confidence and positivity among the players.


Coaches should put high value on discipline within their team, upholding the notion that doing small things right often dictates the difference between success and failure. Leading by example is crucial here, with coaches reaping the most rewards when they’re consistent even if things aren’t going their way.

Cort Dennison says that football is competitive, so children must be able to maintain their composure in high-pressure scenarios — something that will also be beneficial in other walks of personal and professional lives.

Cort Dennison Football Coach

This principle comes recommended by an early NFL pioneer, Art Rooney, Sr. And if there’s one person who knows a thing or two about football, it’s him, so youth football coaches stand to learn a lot from his words.

Cort Dennison Football Coach notes that as reported by Training Magazine, Rooney’s coaching value is to be kind, but never let anybody mistake said kindness for weakness. Coming from the man who established the Pittsburgh Steelers and led a highly notable family through sports and fantastic causes, youth athletes instilled with this virtue are following in remarkable footsteps.


Nothing teaches resilience quite like football, where highs and lows run rampant. Whether during practice or in a game, young athletes need coaches who can teach them to get back up and try again, regardless of how many times they fall.

Cort Dennison Football Coach says that life is a curveball-heavy environment, so resilience is not only essential in football, but in every facet day-to-day living.

Youth Football Coaches Require Many Principles to Bring Teams and Individuals to Holistic Success

When instilled by coaches, each value sets individuals up for success within the team and in other walks of life. After all, well-rounded players are formed from well-rounded coaches.