June 18, 2024
John Spengler of Hailey Idaho

John Spengler Embraces the Mountain Lifestyle: Balancing Adventure and Serenity

John Spengler of Hailey, Idaho is a finance industry professional who enjoys spending time in nature. In the following article, John Spengler discusses how to balance the many adventures of mountain life with the environment’s tranquility.

Many personality quizzes will often ask: the ocean or mountains? Oceans are calming and beautiful, but there’s just something about the mountains that calls to people. During the pandemic, in the mountainous regions of the West especially, there was a huge influx of people looking to get outdoors, and maybe even relocate entirely to get out of the city. Let’s look at why:

John Spengler Says Adventure Awaits

A huge reason why people choose to live near mountains? For the adventure and outdoor activities. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the dog days of summer or the frozen wonderland of winter: there are ways to enjoy these spectacular regions throughout any season.

Winter Sports

John Spengler of Hailey, Idaho says that skiing and snowboarding are by far some of the most popular reasons to visit the mountains in the winter. States like Utah and Colorado are home to beautiful mountain ranges, a visitor’s pick for winter sports like skiing.

Traveling through the mountains in winter is also very peaceful and provides a sense of awe. From crosscountry skiing to dog sledding, the views are truly unparalleled.

Summer Fun

Once winter wanes, activities like rock climbing and camping are once again in bloom. Being high up in the mountains provides limitless opportunities for stunning photos and quiet tranquility – being immersed in nature can truly bring a sense of calm and peace – especially when escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Mountain weather is also significantly cooler, so even when the thermostat rises, relocating to higher elevations is an easy way to feel more comfortable. However, mountain weather is also known to drastically change within a matter of minutes, so being prepared is essential.

All Weather Activities

John Spengler of Hailey, Idaho says that there are some things that mountain communities do year-round, including fishing and hiking. While these might seem like warmer weather activities, true mountaineers know that they are just as fun in the winter!

Ice fishing and hiking are a normal part of the colder days to help make the weather more bearable.

Know The Equipment!

The last note for adventuring in the mountains is that equipment can make or break the experience. Being able to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter are vital to how much fun a mountain adventure will be, explains John Spengler of Hailey, Idaho.

John Spengler of Hailey Idaho A Place to Find Serenity

The mountains provide a unique environment conducive to finding peace and serenity. Their natural beauty, distance from urban chaos, timeless presence, and physical challenges all contribute to this sense of tranquility. Additionally, John Spengler says that the mountains foster a deep connection with nature, encourage a minimalist lifestyle, offer boundless space, and limit distractions. This combination of factors creates a sanctuary for the soul, allowing individuals to find respite from the demands of everyday life and connect with the natural world in a profound way.

Slower Pace of Life

For those acquainted with the whirlwind pace of metropolises like London or Tokyo, the contrast could not be starker. A mountain lifestyle invites a deliberate, unhurried approach. Scaling a mountain demands a patient cadence, a rhythm inherently understood by the vibrant communities that call these peaks home. Here, time slows to allow for a deeper connection with nature and a profound sense of serenity.

Close Knit Community

Many people find that mountain communities are some of the warmest and most welcoming. Unlike big urban cities like New York or Los Angeles, towns in the mountains don’t have a lot of room to sprawl out, and neighbors depend on each other for support.

John Spengler of Hailey, Idaho also notes that it’s easier to create a close-knit community by working and socializing outdoors. Experts have found that a shared experience of something awe-inspiring makes people feel closer to each other.

Delicious Beer

Beer lovers, rejoice! Mountain towns boast some of the best breweries, many of which are located near ski resorts.

John Spengler of Hailey, Idaho also explains that being at higher altitude means that more time and energy goes into the brewing process. Brewers are more aware of how altitude can affect their flavors and quality, so they’re very conscientious of making sure that their beer turns out just right.


John Spengler says that the mountain lifestyle means keeping the environment and surrounding areas clean, especially because it’s hard to maintain the cleanliness of mountain paths and areas in higher elevations. Embracing mountain life entails packing in and packing out any trash that’s accumulated, as preserving the beauty of the mountains is a top priority.


In embracing a mountain lifestyle, one discovers not just a place to live, but a sanctuary for the soul. The mountains offer a respite from urban chaos, a connection with nature, and a sense of timelessness. They inspire physical challenge, encourage simplicity, and provide boundless space. Ultimately, this way of life beckons with a promise of serenity, inviting individuals to find solace, purpose, and a deeper connection with the world around them.