May 28, 2024
Declan Birmingham Evanston

Want to Get Your Kid Interested in The Great Outdoors? Declan Birmingham Suggest Turing to The Scouts

As someone who earned the rank of Eagle Scout, Declan Birmingham knows the many benefits provided by the Boy Scouts of America. Having reached the highest level a Scout can achieve; Declan Birmingham credits the Boy Scouts for teaching him the skills necessary to be a more well-rounded human being.

Declan Birmingham on Why Parents Should Consider The Scouts for Their Child

In the current era, kids are surrounded by distractions. Children and adults struggle to separate from their phones, tablets, or video games. A million different distractions are ever present, which makes it more difficult for younger generations to get motivated to head outside. Parents across the country are always looking for ways to get kids interested in spending some time under the sun. The scouts provide mandatory times to connect with nature and learn skills that can’t be developed playing a video game or watching a YouTube video.

When a kid starts in the Scouts, Declan Birmingham notes that they are instantly part of a community. The introduction phase places a child in what is called a den. The den is part of a larger pack of scouts and comprises no more than eight kids of the same age and/or grade. Each den has three meetings per month and one meeting takes the kids out in nature. Declan Birmingham loved the early days in the scouts because it allowed him to develop friendships that would last for years. Parents should also know that while there is a leader of each den, they are still encouraged to get involved and oversee their child, especially when they start out at an early age.

The larger group, also known as the pack, meets on a monthly basis. The Cubmaster leads these monthly meetings and often has special themes or guest speakers. Declan Birmingham always enjoyed when different dens would have the opportunity to receive specialty beads, activity pins, or rank advancements and gain the recognition of other dens inside the pack. Positive reinforcement is so important in the development of a person, and the Scouts offered that recognition while developing skills that could be practically applied later in life.

Some common skills learned in the Scouts include making a fire, tying a knot, and using a compass. These skills develop a curiosity and a desire to head out and explore. Declan Birmingham was always motivated to earn as many belt loops and badges as possible. These distinctions are provided for first aid, swimming prowess, learning about soil conservation, chemistry, fire safety, and cooking. Scouts were never boring for Declan Birmingham because there was always a new goal to chase. The Scouts also always have a particular theme for each month so they can look forward to months that match their unique interests.

Healthy competition is good for a younger person. Those not interested in traditional sports often lack competition in their early development. The Scouts gave Declan Birmingham competition through events like the Pinewood Derby. What’s exciting about this Derby is that all Scouts are given the same pieces and have the same rules to follow when constructing their cars. Each vehicle is then judged on its design and its speed. Whoever wins the competition can even be selected to represent their pack at a larger district race, which brings everyone together to support their pack member.

Aside from the competition, the skills learned, and the ability to get out in the sun and learn some basic survival skills, Declan Birmingham of Evanston credits the Scouts for teaching him the importance of giving back to the community. Scouts don’t just pull weeds and pick up trash, they learn why these activities are important. Every community service project gives a Scout a sense of how other people live and everyone needs to look out for one another. Learning at an early age how rewarding it is to give back to the community is a fantastic benefit the scouts provide. The Scouts have over 100 years of experience developing youth skills and growing confidence in young people. Any parent looking for a way to get their child involved in a community that allows them to grow their skills and leave the couch should absolutely consider the Scouts.