May 28, 2024
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Cutler Construction Services, Inc Reviews the Popularity of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Cutler Construction Services, Inc is an award-winning construction team located in southern California. In the following article, Cutler Construction Services, Inc. reviews the growing popularity and need for accessory dwelling units for homeowners.

Some properties contain more than one dwelling. Owners may rent out a small space as a separate apartment or build a small shelter in the backyard. These smaller living spaces are known as accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, and are currently experiencing a surge in popularity reports Cutler Construction Services, Inc.

Many homeowners furnish or construct ADUs for the benefit of taking in extra rent. This enables them to maintain their property with greater ease, particularly older homeowners no longer able to work. Cutler Construction Services, Inc reviews that these small dwelling units also make it easier to house relatives who cannot afford housing on their own, cannot live on their own, or need long-term assistance.

While some may find ADUs quite useful, there are potential spacing concerns. It all depends on the specific needs of the ADU owner.

What Are Accessory Dwelling Units

Cutler Construction Services, Inc reviews that accessory dwelling units have been around for a long time, and as such go by several different names. Some may call them granny flats, carriage houses, mother-in-law suites, etc. Additionally, they may take several various forms. A few particular examples include:

  • A small, separate cottage in the backyard.
  • Detached apartment above the garage.
  • Old-fashioned carriage houses.
  • Renovated basement dwellings or garages.

Regardless of the specific form taken, Cutler Construction Services, Inc reviews that ADUs still follow a few general guidelines. First, they always exist on the same property as the primary dwelling. This prevents them from being purchased separately and also means ADUs fall subject to the same zoning laws as the property to which they are situated.

Cutler Construction on Why ADUS Are Becoming Popular

Cutler Construction Services, Inc explains that the United States experienced a housing boom in the wake of World War II that led to the creation of new zoning laws. These new laws attempted to scale back population density, which meant that ADUs began to fall out of fashion. Recently, however, lifting of these restrictions in many residential areas has allowed ADUs to once again gain popularity.

As many homeowners advance in age, they find it increasingly difficult to afford their homes on a retirement salary in the current economy. They may choose to rent out ADUs for the sake of income, or they may live in ADUs themselves while renting out the primary space for supplemental income.

Moreover, lack of affordable housing combined with crippling student debt prevent many millennials from buying homes outright. Older homeowners can use ADUs to house their adult children at reduced cost while still allowing them to experience the freedom of living in a detached setting.

Cutler Construction Services, Inc reviews that some appreciate ADUs for their limited impact on the environment. Not all families or single residents need the space provided by a primary dwelling. Housing families in ADUs can reduce their carbon footprint, a growing concern as global population continues to rise.

Cutler Construction Services Reviews

More people are inclined to seek out ADUs after laws enacted in 2020 and 2021 removed many of the restrictions that previously made it difficult to build ADUs in California. The new laws have provisions that incentivize citizens to build these properties.

If you are interested in learning more about one of the largest trends in modern construction, contact a general contractor like the experts at Cutler Construction Services, Inc. Consultative services can help answer questions about everything from how the new laws incentivize residents to build ADUs to specific parameters of your ADU project.