April 21, 2024

Troy Thompson of Salem, NH, On The Gear Your Child Needs for Motocross

Troy Thompson of Salem, New Hampshire had his kids involved in motocross from an early age. It only took one visit on a straight dirt path for each child to fall in love with the sport. Many parents who have a child interested in motocross are overwhelmed by the amount of equipment they will need to purchase. Troy Thompson of Salem, New Hampshire reassures parents that motocross is no more expensive than ice hockey for a parent of a youth athlete. Today’s article will provide parents with an idea of the equipment they will need and why certain pieces of equipment are more vital than others.

Some kids get started in motocross as early as three years of age. Obviously, there’s an inherent risk associated with the sport and falling will occur. This is why it is pivotal for parents to ensure their child never rides without wearing the proper equipment. Some of the non-negotiable equipment pieces include:

  • Motocross helmet
  • Knee Guards
  • Elbow Pads
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Goggles
  • Pants
  • An Awesome Motocross Jersey

Ok, maybe that last one isn’t a necessity, but kids in motocross will always hype one another up over their jersey. It is important that parents are selective about the gear they dress their child in for a motocross session. It’s a difficult sport to rely on hand-me-down equipment as ill-fitting gear is only a little bit better than wearing nothing at all. Troy Thompson of Salem, NH, recommends making sure all equipment fits properly. Some products allow for adjustments that extend the gear’s lifespan while a child grows.

Troy Thompson of Salem, NH, recommends spending the most time and money on a biking helmet that is specifically designed for dirt bike riders. Dirt bike helmets will cover the entire head, which is critical in the event of a fall. Another item that most child and adult motocross providers wear is a neck brace. The neck brace keeps the neck supported while riding and during a crash. Those who wear a neck brace can often avoid serious injury simply by keeping their neck secure when falling off the bike. Body armor is also popular in the motocross community. Motocross body armor provides stabilization and protection of the chest and back.

Riding boots are an important part of a motocross rider’s arsenal. Motocross boots don’t just provide protection of the feet and ankles, but they also provide a few more inches of height for young riders. No one should be riding a bike when their feet can’t touch the ground. Motocross boots allow kids to hit the trail a bit earlier in life.

Troy Thompson of Salem, NH, notes that parents new to motocross may find that goggles seem a little redundant when their child rider has a helmet, but the helmet and visor is not as effective as goggles when it comes to keeping the eyes clear of dirt and debris that will be kicked up during each trip. Anyone who has ever attempted to ride a motocross bike without goggles can attest to not only the dirt and the debris but the bugs that will often come in contact with the eyes. Goggles can usually last a while as they adjust for maximum security.

Maintaining a secure grip is one of the most important elements of motocross. Ideally, a child should be provided the opportunity to try on gloves to see if they feel secure and whether they provide the level of grip they are comfortable with. When people fall, they have a natural inclination to stick their hands out to break their fall. A good pair of gloves can help a young rider avoid some common motocross injuries.

As parents grow more accustomed to the sport of motocross, they will notice that riders will be wearing long pants even on hotter days. A lot of motocross pants come with built-in knee pads. Longer pants will always provide more protection from common scrapes and bruises and allow a rider to maintain a more secure leg grip while on their motorbike. Motocross jerseys are not just a piece of fashion, they are specifically designed to keep a rider cool while on their bike.

While this specific post is about clothing and gear, parents should make sure they talk to an expert about the best sized dirt bike for their child. The best way to limit the danger of motocross is to train the fundamentals and get fitted in the best gear. Finding a proper sized bike is just another step to staying safe and having fun!