July 25, 2024
Robert Bremer Ohio

Robert Bremer of Ohio Discusses the Practice of Meditation – Tools for Deepening Spiritual Connection and Enlightenment

Robert Bremer of Ohio is a Certified Hypnotherapist with over 20 years of experience in the field helping individuals find a healthier life and achieve personal improvement goals. In the following article, Bob Bremer discusses the ways meditation can help individuals find peace, reduce stress, enhance focus, and improve overall well-being.

Meditation, in its many forms, is a large part of many secular and spiritual practices. However, it can seem intimidating to beginners. Even experienced practitioners can struggle to deepen their connection.

Meditation practitioners can strengthen their spiritual connection by making use of meditation aids. These can include cushions or other comfort items, incense, mala beads, singing bowls, and curated surroundings.

Robert Bremer of Ohio says that whether these tools are familiar or not, there is much to discuss. Each of these tools has historical roots, specific uses, and effects to review:

Spiritual Meditation

The main purpose of meditation is to instill peace in oneself. It can be a great method for cultivating relaxation and calmness. With that said, there is much more that can be achieved through meditation.

Spiritual meditation is a way for individuals to reach out or connect to powers greater than themselves. This can be a deity, a greater force, an enlightened self, and other divine aspects.

Robert Bremer of Ohio explains that spiritual meditation mirrors secular meditation in that it requires an open mind. Due to this, it can be used in the same way for stress management. Of course, it takes the practice one step further by deepening one’s spiritual connection.

This extra step has been studied to determine if it makes a difference. In this study, spiritual meditation was linked to decreased migraines, increased pain tolerance, and overall well-being.


Naturally, this is not an easy undertaking. It can take a lifetime and still never be “mastered.” This is why in the centuries that cultures have been meditating they have developed various helpful tools to assist in the process. Below are some simple tools to help deepen spiritual connection.

Cushions and Blankets

When practicing seated meditation it can be difficult to maintain focus if uncomfortable. To prevent this, it can be helpful to sit on a cushion or a blanket. Robert Bremer of Ohio explains that blankets or mats can also be beneficial for standing meditation.

These aids can be anything from items specifically designed for meditation to any cushion or blanket that serves the purpose. Yoga mats are one possibility when it comes to standing meditation.

These implements also help the individual feel grounded in the space, and provide a focused area to perform a meditative practice.


Another common meditation tool is incense. Its use and effects are incredibly simple. The smell of the incense can help ground the practitioner in the moment by focusing on the sensory input, removing themselves from the mundane.

Over time the smell of incense will become associated with the practice, further improving the experience. This helps the brain understand the meditative mindset.

Incense has been a spiritual aid for thousands of years. It is at the point that incense is intrinsically linked with meditation.

Bob Bremer Ohio
Mala beads

Like incense, mala is another tool that is deeply rooted in history. Mala are strings of beads that can be worn–either as a necklace or bracelet.

They can be used as counters if one prays during the meditation. Alternatively, they can be used as a way to center focus. Mala can be helpful when trying to bleed off anxious energy.

Singing Bowls and Auditory Tools

Bob Bremer Ohio says that while incense works on the sense of smell, other tools work on the sense of hearing. Auditory tools commonly include Tibetan singing bowls and meditation bells.

Singing bowls produce a low humming noise that can both fade into the background and provide a sensory focus. There is also some evidence that low-level vibrations can benefit healing, whether this is noticeable or not.

Meditation bells serve a similar purpose through different sounds. Bells are most often used intermittently as reminders to focus in on the meditation process.


Lastly, it can be incredibly helpful to meditate in spaces that support peace and calm. The ideal location would be a Zen Garden, peaceful place outdoors, or dedicated room inside the home.

That said, Bob Bremer Ohio explains that any space that a person finds calming can help one’s spiritual connection.

Final Thoughts

Bob Bremer Ohio says that with these tools and dedication, individuals can improve their spiritual enlightenment. Use any combination of the above tools as meditation is incredibly personal.