April 21, 2024
matthew abid michigan

Matthew Abid of Michigan On Ways Sales Reps Can Stand Out From The Pack

A leader in the sales industry, Matthew Abid of Michigan can say with absolute certainty that a sales rep who wants to succeed needs to stand out from the norm. There are countless sales reps who provide the same pitch day after day and never get noticed. Matthew Abid of Michigan believes that a sales rep who wants to stand out needs to be willing to adapt with the times. For instance, selling in the digital age requires a sales rep to have an online presence. Successful sales reps can often set themselves up for increased brand awareness by crafting videos that their prospects can catch on their favorite social media channel. Today, Matthew Abid of Michigan will offer tips for those looking to incorporate video marketing into their sales arsenal as well as a few other helpful sales tips.

The great thing about sales videos is a lot of them can be completed without ever having to appear on camera. Sales reps could simply make a PowerPoint and then share their screen while recording a video. Matthew Abid recommends that anyone who works in an industry where they spend the first part of their sales process explaining the pros of their product or service make a quick and engaging video. This can then be used to entice new customers on social media, in email marketing campaigns, and much more. Always revert to the model that showing is better than telling. Most people would much prefer to see what a product or service can do than be told how well it can perform for them.

No one wants to go through the effort of creating a sales video only for no one to watch it. The online landscape is full of competition, so videos will perform better when they are shorter. It’s better to provide all relevant information in a quick and concise matter than trying to educate via a long video seminar. This isn’t to say that there is not an audience who would prefer longer videos, but they are less likely to be a prospect that turns into a sale.

No one who watches the video of a sales rep is expecting it to have the cinematography level of a Spielberg film. The most important part is that the video comes off as engaging and authentic. If there’s a quick speaking flub, it doesn’t mean the video has to be reshot. Matthew Abid of Michigan believes any sales rep should just correct themselves and continue the video. This will only add to the authenticity and help build a stronger connection with the viewer.

Sales reps will often discuss how unique their product or service is as a way to attract a prospect to make a purchase. Those same sales reps will often never try to be unique themselves in their sales pitch. There’s a certain level of professionalism that should never be ignored, but those who are lucky enough to sell a product that is fun should consider utilizing humor and meeting their prospects on a human level.

In addition to digital strategies, Matthew Abid of Michigan believes sales reps can often separate themselves from their competition by their willingness to provide additional support. A lot of sales reps in constant communication with their prospect for a day or two and then move on to the next. Sales reps who not only set up daily touch points with a client but make themselves available at times that are convenient to the prospect can separate themselves from competitors. Depending on the type of product or service being sold, it may be best for a sales rep to make their contact info available to a prospect even after they become a customer. A sales rep who follows-up to see how things are progressing for their client can not only ensure a positive client experience in the present but increase the likelihood of a client relationship well into the future.

Finally, Matthew Abid of Michigan recommends that sales reps never stop working to improve their questions. When a prospect says that’s a good question, a sales rep should jot that information down. Prospects are busy and they don’t want to feel like their time is being wasted. When they notice that a sales rep is asking them the proper questions, they are much more likely to feel confident about trusting their sales representative.