July 25, 2024
Joshua A Pailin

Joshua A. Palin of Orange Park Discusses Spring Cleaning Tips DIY Enthusiasts Will Love

As a DIY expert, Joshua Palin of Orange Park can attest that cleanup is often the worst part of any at-home project. Most projects require much more than a vacuum or a once-over, and even after things get cleaned, they often need a second scrubbing for good measure. Fortunately, spring cleaning provides Joshua Palin of Orange Park the opportunity to go throughout the house and get rid of clutter and any excess dirt from the year’s projects. Anyone can grab a vacuum or a dustpan and brush, but a DIY expert always has to look for different ways to clean their homes. The cleaning advice below provides some tips and tricks that many don’t think to use during their annual spring cleaning.

One great piece of cleaning advice Joshua Palin offers is the benefit of utilizing a lemon to clean a sink. Lemons contain a lot of citric acid, which helps remove hard water marks that can build up on our faucets. Utilizing half of a lemon can bring life back to a faucet’s appearance. Another great hack using a lemon comes when cleaning the microwave. Lemon rinds, water, and lemon juice can be microwaved for about 3 minutes and then left in the microwave for an additional five minutes to produce steam that will loosen up any dirt or grime stuck to the walls of the microwave. When Joshua Palin of Orange Park opens the microwave door, he can use a rag to clean the entire surface without much effort. Everything will wipe off without any elbow grease required. Working smarter, not harder, is what DIY is all about.

Lemons aren’t the only food Joshua Palin of Orange Park uses for spring cleaning. Onions are a multipurpose item in the Palin house. After letting the grill heat up, spray the surface of the grates with white vinegar. With a cut in half onion, scrub the grates, and the acid from the onion will clear any dirt or debris accumulated during the winter. A word of warning, however. It’s not uncommon to shed a tear. Whether that is from the onion or the beauty of the clean grill is for you to decide. Another great DIY hack for spring cleaning comes from utilizing a dryer sheet for an unexpected purpose. It can be difficult to remove old food from a stovetop. Before cleaning a stovetop, try placing wet dryer sheets on top of the stove for about 20 minutes. When the wet dryer sheets are removed, the food remnants will be loosened up and ready to be cleaned.

As we all rely more and more on our computers and cell phones to work and stay connected with our friends and family, it’s easy for our screens to get covered in dirt and other debris. Joshua Palin of Orange Park recommends utilizing coffee filters. Wiping a screen with a coffee filter is a great way to remove smudges, but it is essential to be delicate. You can always cause harm to screens when pressing down too hard. When shifting to the keys of the keyboard, it’s not difficult to accumulate dust or grime from everyday use. Aside from the typical compressed air canister, Joshua Palin uses cotton swabs between each key to remove dirt and other unwanted grime. You can even grab a q-tip for those hard-to-reach angles.

Every year Joshua Palin seems to find a new way to clean his home more effectively. Palin believes that those who love DIY projects have a genuine curiosity, which leads to creativity no matter the task. Why should spring cleaning be any different?