June 18, 2024
Eric Dzugan

Eric Dzugan Offers Advice On Growing As a Sales Rep in 2023

One of the most rewarding aspects of a career in sales for Eric Dzugan is the ability for growth. There’s never a sense that nothing new can be learned to help a sales rep close more deals. Eric Dzugan is determined to make 2023 his best year yet, and wants to help others with his passion for sales do the same. Today, Eric Dzugan will share some of his focus areas for 2023 in hopes that others can benefit and grow as sales professionals.

Sales are constantly evolving to match customers’ latest trends and pain points. Eric Dzugan believes many sales reps forget that they must develop their sales practices to match the movements of the day. For instance, a sales rep ten years ago could not have taken advantage of automation like a sales rep in 2023 could. Looking at different automation administrative technology can instantly free up a sales rep’s calendar and ensure that the time they spend on the phone or meeting with a prospect in person is optimally scheduled. Technology not only allows for automation, but it also allows access to information for all candidates. Because they are more informed than ever, sales reps often find that they can’t wow a person with stats. Eric Dzugan recommends working to personalize pitches to the specific needs of a prospect as opposed to spitting out general facts and statistics that a candidate could find with a targeted Google search.

While a sales representative needs to take advantage of technology, sales will always come down to human connection—personality matters. Most sales reps have great personalities but can be impacted by a bad day at the office. Eric Dzugan is determined to make 2023 a year where a lost opportunity doesn’t affect the next potential sale. Prospects are much more likely to buy from a confident sales rep who clearly believes in what they are selling. When a sales rep is sluggish or upset about something they can’t control, savvy prospects pick up on that negative energy. To ensure Eric Dzugan maintains a positive attitude, he will write down the things he is grateful for in life. This exercise always seems to boost morale and return him to a positive mindset, regardless of how the last sales call may have ended.

Almost every sales department will have overall goals, which are defined by individual sales representatives hitting their sales targets. Eric Dzugan believes company goals are great, but personalized plans are even better. It is human nature to reach a goal and coast for the rest of the month. Setting ambitious goals is a great way to surpass past performances. Keeping track of personal goals is also a great way to absorb what worked and didn’t during a particular sales opportunity. Learning from every mistake is how a sales rep has their best year.

Most companies will offer some continued education for their employees. For example, a busy sales department may consider continued education and a weekly meeting to discuss pain points or current opportunities. Eric Dzugan is determined to seek opportunities and sales seminars to help him expand his abilities. There’s always a new way to look at things, so seeking resources outside a particular organization is essential. Every seminar or program Eric Dzugan has signed up for has at least opened up an idea or two that proved beneficial. Never stop learning, and good things will follow.

Finally, Eric Dzugan is a firm believer in mentorship. Depending on what stage a sales rep is in their career, they may even want to consider being a mentor themselves. The mentor/mentored relationship is mutually beneficial. When Eric Dzugan has mentored a less experienced sales rep, he often finds that it helps connect dots for him as well. A less experienced sales rep should be encouraged to ask questions and share their ideas. When working to make another sales rep better, the mentor will grow their skillset in the process.