July 25, 2024
Dr. Michael Hart Lebow

Dr. Michael Hart Lebow on Things to Consider When Debating Whether or Not to Join The Military

Dr. Michael Hart Lebow, a Gainesville vascular surgeon, is a United States military veteran who served as an infantry paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division and with the United Nations in Panmunjom, Korea. Dr. Michael Hart Lebow is proud to support our troops and thanks everyone who chooses to make the sacrifice of choosing military service. Dr. Michael Hart Lebow understands that not everyone is cut out to serve in the military. Today, Dr. Michael Hart Lebow will share his thoughts on the pros and cons of joining the American military.

The most obvious benefit of joining the military is the ability it provides someone to give back to the country that they love. There’s no better way to show patriotism than committing to military service. Military service also provides structure for people who are undecided on what direction they want to go in life. The skills learned via military service can provide a roadmap for the rest of a person’s life. Anyone in need of direction can benefit greatly from the instruction of their military superiors.

Many join the military to take advantage of the educational opportunities that military service can afford them. The military GI Bill provides tens of thousands of dollars for a college education. Funding can also become available for housing, books, and other college necessities. Military benefits can even expand to graduate school, vocational school, and many different training programs. Michael Hart Lebow encourages veterans to seek out educational opportunities for their children as many different programs are in place to help support military families. While serving, there are plenty of programs in the military that educate soldiers on everything from computer programming to mechanical skills that can be used later in civilian life.

The downside of military service is that it is an extremely serious commitment. After enlisting, there’s a complete commitment to military service for an allotted period of time. This is a commitment that is not easily broken. Of course, there’s also the potential for danger. A military serviceperson must be willing to not only accept that they may be in danger, but they also need to accept that they may need to defend their country from threats both foreign and domestic. It’s atypical for someone just joining the military to have a say in the type of responsibilities that will take on. While it is possible that a soldier may be asked to sit in an office, it’s also possible that they could see real world action. If a person isn’t willing to be placed on the frontlines, they should avoid military service.

Michael Lebow of Gainesville knows the benefits military service can unlock from firsthand experience. He loved his time in the military and is proud that he was able to serve his country. Others who love their country and are prepared for the mental and physical challenges of service can enjoy benefits that will last a lifetime.