July 24, 2024
David Ohnstad

David Ohnstad of Minnesota Discusses Some of The Top Hiking Locations in the State

As an avid hiker, David Ohnstad of Minnesota is always looking for new trails to explore. A lot of hikes are located at state parks, which will require hikers to pay for their parking. Fortunately, an annual pass for state park parking is less than $40. If you’re new to hiking in Minnesota, a daily pass will cost a hiker just $7.

One of the reasons David Ohnstad of Minnesota hikes whenever he gets the opportunity is to better connect with nature. Hiking is an awesome activity to enhance one’s physical and mental health simultaneously. Because David Ohnstad of Minnesota is looking to avoid relying on technology for his hike, he always wants to make sure there’s something beautiful to look at during the hike, which is why Shovel Point is such an incredible hiking destination.

Located along the shore of Lake Superior, Shovel Point lets hikers travel up to the top of cliffs that provide incredible overviews of both Lake Superior and the Baptism River. It’s not the longest or most grueling hike, so it’s a great option for those who aren’t significantly experienced hikers. Some of the hikes on this list are a lot more difficult and a lot lengthier than Shovel Point. At less than a mile and a half on the main trail, any hiker can take in some beauty while working up a moderate sweat at Shovel Point.

For those looking to get closer to the Forest than the water, Pincushion Mountain is ideal. David Ohnstad of Minnesota frequents this hiking trail for the awesome views of the green forests. This hiking trail is double the length of Shovel Point but it’s not an extremely tenuous hiking trail. Most hikers can complete this trail in less than three hours. David Ohnstad recommends prioritizing footwear before hitting the trail as there will be some different terrains to traverse. In fact, owning a good pair of hiking boots is pivotal for just about every trail David Ohnstad of Minnesota will mention.

Those looking for a hiking trail that can be completed quickly will love Caribou Falls. Located in the North Shore of Minnesota, hikers will often take advantage of the natural pool at the end of the hiking path in the summer months. The Fall season provides incredible views as the leaves provide an array of colors.

For those able to travel far up northern Minnesota, the High Falls of the Pigeon River are awesome outside of the winter months. The area is most well known for having the highest waterfall in the state. David Ohnstad notes that this waterfall drops a heart stopping 120 feet. The area is so far north that some of the waterfalls are actually in Canada. This is another hike that is designed for people of all skill levels. Taking less than two hours to complete and having plenty of benches available for those who need to rest, High Falls is a great way to spend a Minnesota morning.

Another favorite Minnesota hike of David Ohnstad that provides views of Canada is the Mount Josephine hiking trail. This trail will test the cardio of an even more experienced hiker as the trail is more than 1,200 feet above sea level. The climb is tough, but the views are spectacular. The reward for reaching the top of the hiking trail is looking out at both the blue waters of Lake Superior and the green pines of the Forest. David Ohnstad likes that the trail gets more difficult after a substantial warmup. The first mile is relatively flat and then the climb upward begins. This trail isn’t as clearly marked with road signs as some others, so David Ohnstad recommends coming prepared with a map. The good news is that this trail is often less crowded than some of the others on this list.

The final hike David Ohnstad of Minnesota is going to mention today is located at Fifth Falls, which is less than an hour away from Duluth. Hikers at Fifth Falls can really choose their own adventure as there’s the standard 3-mile loop and then an option to avoid the loop around the river and head straight to Fifth Falls. David Ohnstad always takes the loop because it provides no shortage of scenic views. It’s a relatively flat track, so David Ohnstad of Minnesota recommends this hiking trail to people of various skill levels.