July 25, 2024

Why The Time Is Now To Buy TikTok Followers

It’s frustrating. Whether you’re waiting for a table at a crowded restaurant, or you’re watching your TikTok follower count and hoping that it miraculously grows, you’re not alone. Everyone hates waiting.

  • Here’s the good news: You’ll eventually get seated for dinner.
  • Here’s the bad news: Your TikTok fan base is probably never going to increase substantially if you don’t have a smart growth strategy.
  • Here’s more good news: One method will work for anyone posting great content, and it works rapidly.

That method is buying TikTok followers from quality services like Buzzoid, Buytiktokfollowers.co, and Twicsy. And if you’re sick of waiting for meaningful organic growth on the app, now’s the time to start.

Why Don’t More TikTok Users Follow Me?

Growth doesn’t occur automatically.

It doesn’t happen just because you create compelling, high-quality content. It doesn’t happen if you use lots of hashtags in your posts or optimize your TikTok profile and TikTok username; that attracted searchers before American and European users flooded onto the system, but massive competition on the social media platform has rendered those approaches almost useless.

Now, you need huge audiences to acquire a large number of followers, and that won’t happen unless

  1. You’re already popular and already have big audiences.
  2. You play nice with the TikTok algorithms.

That’s because the algorithms are in charge of allocating visibility for TikTok videos, and they’re programmed to prioritize popular accounts. Users with huge fan bases are all set, but everyone else must go about things another way. Thankfully, TikTok has left the back door open.

Purchased TikTok Followers and Account Growth

When the algorithms decide which TikTok accounts are popular, they consider two metrics. One is follower count. The other is “follower growth,” and that’s how you work your way into the algos’ good graces. Follower growth measures how rapidly you’re adding new followers, and when you buy TikTok fans you send that metric soaring.

Presto! You’re receiving more visibility for your posts. And those new viewers have the opportunity to watch your videos and hit the “follow” button to see more of what you produce. If you create great content that grabs your new audience, you’ll add a ton of new organic followers.

That’s the growth you need to boost your TikTok presence and popularity. If you continue to buy followers, you might even achieve TikTok fame; the majority of well-known influencers on the app started their TikTok growth by purchasing fans. Many still buy them to build exposure for their content even more.

However, those influencers know one secret that’s prevented them from making a fatal mistake.

“Real” Talk

There are two categories of TikTok followers. Only one will trigger strong account growth.

  • Fake followers: These are sold by disreputable websites claiming to provide effective interactions. In reality, they’re created with bots and aren’t linked to real TikTok users. The algorithms aren’t fooled; they detect and delete fake followers and may penalize or ban the accounts using them.
  • Real followers: These are real people with real accounts on the app, who don’t violate TikTok’s rules. They stay in your account for the long term.

You need real TikTok followers to generate audience and popularity, and only trustworthy social media marketing services deliver them. These are the high-quality services we recommend.

Best of the Best


Most of the reasons for Buzzoid’s ranking as the best TikTok service provider are just as valid for our #2 choice, Twicsy:

  • More than a decade of experience delivering high-quality real Instagram followers before moving into the TikTok industry with equal success.
  • 100% legitimate TikTok followers in all packages.
  • Instant delivery of all followers.
  • Reasonable prices no higher than those charged by comparable follower services.
  • Simple and secure ordering that takes no longer than 60 seconds, with multiple payment options.
  • Expert customer support available 24/7 to resolve problems, answer pre- and post-order questions, and craft custom packages.
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee.

What elevates Buzzoid over Twicsy, then? The results they deliver. Their packages (100 up to 10,000 legitimate followers are available) are just a tad better than Twicsy’s, on average, with an approximate return on purchases of 100%. That’s why Buzzoid is the majority of TikTok influencers’ favorite provider, and why it ranks #1 among our recommended services.

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You’ve already seen the laundry list of attributes that this heritage provider shares with Buzzoid.

There’s one extra advantage to using Twicsy. The largest follower package they offer delivers 20,000 real follows from real users, which is twice as large as Buzzoid’s top package. That explains why Buzzoid doesn’t completely dominate the influencer market; Twicsy’s huge option provides the number of fans that can drive exceptional growth for the app’s power users.

On the other hand, as we’ve mentioned, Twicsy’s results only average about 98% or 99% of Buzzoid’s. Is that 1-2% enough to make a difference? Probably not, if you’re not already an influencer. That’s why we recommend Twicsy just as strongly as its closest competitor.

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Best of the Rest


This provider got started in the industry without the long Instagram successes that Buzzoid and Twicsy brought to the table. Nevertheless, TokMatik quickly grew to become one of the best TikTok services available.

When it comes to service and support, TokMatik is just as good as the providers in our “Best of the Best” tier. The two reasons it’s in our second tier are its smaller menu of follower packages (between 100 and 5,000 real followers), and the fact that TokMatik “only” provides average growth that’s about 95% of the level that Buzzoid delivers.

That’s pretty darned good, though, which is why a lot of the influencers we’ve mentioned rely on TokMatik to vary the sources of their TikTok followers — and why many other customers count on TokMatik as their primary provider.

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Rushmax and InstaPort (tie)

These two services are right on TokMatik’s heels.

The quality of their real followers is outstanding as is their service and support, and they offer the same choices in follower package size (100 to 5,000 interactions). As of this writing, however, the results that Rushmax and InstaPort generate are a notch below TokMatik’s. That’s why they’re a notch lower in our rankings.

But with the rate that Rushmax and InstaPort are growing, they could easily zoom past TokMatik on next year’s list. They’re two services to watch if you’re not ready to try them just yet.

Key Benefits of Buying Genuine TikTok Followers

We’ve discussed the larger audience and new organic followers you’ll see after you purchase TikTok followers from a reliable service, but we haven’t taken the next step and explained the real-world benefits.

Let’s do that now.

1. Becoming a TikTok Influencer

This isn’t every user’s goal but it may be the most common one — so let’s talk about it first.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a million fans to be an influencer. You don’t even need 100,000. There are four categories used to describe TikTok influencers, and you only need a thousand fans to get in on the action.

  • Nano-influencers (1,000-10,000 followers)
  • Micro-influencers (10,000-100,000 followers)
  • Macro-influencers (100,000+ followers)
  • Mega-influencers (1,000,000+ followers)

What good is it to be a nano- or micro-influencer? You might be surprised. Many with a follower count in four figures find sponsors willing to pay them between $25 and $100 per post, and micro-influencers often earn $100-$1,000 for each post that contains sponsored content.

Of course, building a larger fan base produces a much greater income. Macro-influencers commonly command thousands of dollars per sponsored post, and as you’d expect, TikTok influencers with more than 1,000,000 followers can essentially name their own prices.

Here’s something else that most people don’t realize: you don’t have to have sponsors to make money with your TikTok account.

2. Monetizing Your Account in Other Ways

Once you have 10,000 TikTok followers, you’re eligible for the platform’s Creator Marketplace. You can be matched with sponsors there, or sign up for other ways to earn from your account including being paid for creating content and accepting tips from viewers in your live streams,

You don’t even need that many fans to get started, though. With just 1,000 followers you’re able to accept gifts from your fans, open a TikTok shop, start sharing revenue from ads that run on your feed, or create a separate video channel for paid subscribers.

It may cost a little to buy authentic TikTok followers, but you can make a lot.

3. Boosting Revenue for Your Business

If you check out the marketing strategy for any business with a large social media presence, you’ll probably see that they regularly buy active TikTok followers.

It’s a sensible plan. Increasing their visibility and follower base on the app gives them a large community of potential customers which is ideal for promoting brands, introducing products or services, acquiring leads, and maximizing online profits. For the affordable prices they pay to buy real TikTok fans, they see outstanding returns on their investments.

4. Making Your Account More Credible

Marketers have coined a name for a common behavioral phenomenon: social proof. In a nutshell, people are more likely to make a buying decision if they know that others like them have already done the same thing. That makes the seller more credible and the product more trustworthy.

On TikTok, social proof is important.

When surfers are scrolling through their feeds, the buying decision you want them to make is to stop and watch your videos. They’re more likely to do that if they see that you have a large follower count, which makes your account more credible. Buying followers gives you that edge, which also matters when you want followers to purchase the products you promote.

For extra social proof, you can buy TikTok likes and TikTok views, since higher numbers on your likes and view counts are more testimony to your content’s value and your account’s credibility. Those TikTok engagements make it easier to put your videos on the “For You” page or go viral, too.

5. Having Your Videos Seen

Some content creators aren’t in it for the money. They just want lots of people to see the videos they’ve spent time and effort producing, they want to build a base of loyal followers who appreciate their work, and they’re eager to hear the feedback their viewers offer. Follows from active TikTok users boost their audience and provide the reinforcement they’re after.

6. Racking Up Numbers

Finally, some folks just like seeing their follower count growing. It may make them feel good to see the numbers climbing, or they may want to beat their friends in a “battle of fan base size.” Either way, the psychic and social benefits of having more followers motivate them to purchase fans from trustworthy TikTok follower services.

Considerations When Buying Followers

If you’re not relying on one of our recommended providers when buying TikTok followers, here are a few key considerations to keep in mind as you shop.

  1. Be positive that you’ll receive real followers. Don’t be convinced to use a service that charges incredibly low prices or makes ridiculous promises; very cheap TikTok followers and pie-in-the-sky guarantees usually tell you that you’ll receive fake followers that can tank your account. Don’t buy unless you know they’re real (and don’t always trust customer reviews on a website, which could also be fake).
  2. Look for strong returns on your investment in a follower package. Purchased fans from the best sites will generate around 100 organic followers for every 100 you buy, and they’ll be the best investment you can make in your online presence.
  3. When deciding on a package, try to balance the size of your purchase with the size of your account. Buying too many fans will look unnatural to the algorithms; buying too few won’t trigger much growth.
  4. Other attributes of the best providers: fair prices, fast delivery, a secure and simple ordering process, and a dedicated 24-hour customer support team.


Whether you simply want a larger audience for your videos on TikTok, or you want to monetize your account, become an influencer, or increase revenues for your business, you need a large and solid fan base to maximize your content’s exposure and your follower growth.

The most important step you can take is to find a trustworthy provider who delivers real, high-quality TikTok followers, like the four we’ve recommended. They’ll rapidly and effectively put you on the road to TikTok popularity, influence, and importance.

By Chris Bates