July 25, 2024
Energy Innovation Capital

Successful Completion of Series C Funding for Energy Innovation Capital’s Portfolio Company

Energy Innovation Capital (EIC) invests in companies at the forefront of developing innovative technologies aimed at securing a future of abundant, clean, and accessible energy. This commitment to fostering advancements in the energy sector aligns seamlessly with the recent strategic investment led by Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital in Vortexa, a portfolio company of Energy Innovation Capital. In the following article, a review of this significant investment is conducted by EIC, shedding light on how energy analytics has been revolutionized.

As a leading private investment platform, Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital’s decision to spearhead a substantial $34 million Series C funding round for Vortexa underscores the company’s recognition of Vortexa’s pivotal role in shaping the energy and freight market analytics landscape. With this investment, Vortexa is poised to further its mission of revolutionizing energy and freight market analytics, supported by Energy Innovation Capital’s shared vision of driving technological innovation in the energy sector for a sustainable future.

Unlocking Global Energy Dynamics with Energy Innovation Capital

Vortexa’s energy flows data and analytics suite stands as a comprehensive solution for accessing and analyzing global waterborne oil and gas flows. This suite offers detailed insights into the movement of oil and gas commodities across the world’s waterways over time. Users can explore data related to various aspects, including specific locations, fleets, charterers, and more.

By leveraging this suite, stakeholders, such as Energy Innovation Capital gain access to a wealth of information that enables them to track and understand the intricate dynamics of oil and gas transportation on a global scale. Whether monitoring specific routes, analyzing market trends, or making informed strategic decisions, the company’s energy flows data and analytics suite empowers users with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of the energy market with precision and confidence.

Fueling Global Growth Opportunity

This strategic investment marks a pivotal moment for Vortexa, positioning the company for significant international expansion. With the backing of Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital leading the funding round, it underscores a strong vote of confidence in the energy company’s vision, trajectory, and market potential. This infusion of capital will enable Vortexa to fortify its already state-of-the-art technology infrastructure. Moreover, it will elevate the quality of service delivered to its esteemed clients and partners across the globe. This investment underscores a strategic alignment between Vortexa’s ambitions and the EIC’s belief in its capacity to achieve remarkable growth and success in the competitive market landscape.

Energy Innovation Capital

Driving Growth and Innovation

Fabio Kuhn, the CEO of Vortexa, conveyed his excitement regarding the collaboration with Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, emphasizing the substantial growth trajectory of the company. He underscored Vortexa’s pivotal role in revolutionizing efficiency and innovation within the global energy and freight markets. Despite the challenges inherent in fundraising endeavors, the company has demonstrated remarkable resilience and success.

Notably, the firm’s valuation has doubled since its previous funding round, a testament to its unwavering performance and formidable position within the market. This achievement reflects Vortexa’s steadfast commitment to driving innovation, delivering exceptional value to its clients, and solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

The investment comes at a critical juncture, as Vortexa continues to play a crucial role in helping energy traders, market analysts, and charterers navigate the complexities of the global energy and freight markets. With its cutting-edge analytics platform, Vortexa empowers stakeholders like Energy Innovation Capital to make informed, real-time decisions, contributing to greater efficiency and transparency in energy flows on a global scale.

Recognizing Technological Prowess and Market Potential

Lincoln Isetta, Managing Director of Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, highlighted Vortexa’s position as a technological frontrunner in the energy and freight sectors. With industries experiencing rapid evolution and digitization, the demand for accurate data and advanced analytics has surged. The firm’s ability to meet these evolving demands positions it as a key player in driving innovation within these sectors. By leveraging its technological prowess, Vortexa not only meets current market needs but also anticipates future trends, enabling it to sustain growth and remain competitive in the long term.

Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

The multidisciplinary team, consisting of over 120 professionals strategically located across major global hubs, remains steadfast in its mission to provide unparalleled insights and value to clients. By prioritizing accuracy, completeness, and speed in its operations, Vortexa stands out as a pioneer in technological innovation within the energy and freight markets. This commitment enables the company to shape the future of global trade and commerce, offering indispensable insights that drive informed decision-making.


The partnership with Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital marks a significant milestone in Vortexa’s journey. With Morgan Stanley’s support, Vortexa is poised to accelerate its growth trajectory and strengthen its position as a market leader in energy and freight market analytics. Both companies share a dedication to excellence and innovation, positioning them well to navigate the dynamic landscape of the global energy market. Together, they are primed to drive sustainable value creation for Energy Innovation Capital while shaping the future of the industry.