April 21, 2024
Stephen Curet Jr.

Stephen Curet Jr. Discusses the Best Things to See in New England This Summer

Stephen Curet Jr. is an entrepreneur and avid traveler that loves to explore new places year-round. In the article below, Stephen Curet Jr. discusses the New England area and best travel tips for a summer.

According to Stephen Curet Jr., New England summertimes are filled with food, fairs and vibrant natural sceneries. Massachusetts has plenty of festivals to attend, and you can visit Connecticut for some full-blown kidulting! Vermont’s natural landscapes are spectacular year-round, as is exploring the lakes and mountains in Maine.

The New England region consists of six separate states. Each offers its own unique charm, and below Stephen Curet Jr. lists some of the best summer destinations for this year.

What outdoor activities can I do in New England in the summer?

New England offers a wide range of things to do across the six states, particularly those that like to get active when the sun’s out. There are fairs and festivals to attend, beaches to visit, and activities to enjoy throughout the New England summer according to Stephen Curet Jr.

Where are the best summer fairs and festivals in New England?

Stephen Curet Jr. says that for those looking to let their hair down New England style, you can’t go wrong with a good summer festival. There are plenty of different types, for all kinds of visitors!

In Massachusetts, Stephen Curet Jr states that there is a range of family-friendly festivities such as an Italian American style Fiesta, and America’s longest-running dance festival, Jacob’s Pillow. See exactly what they have to offer here.

Stephen Curet Jr. says Boston is more known for its music and arts scene, and the summertime doesn’t disappoint. Filled with music festivals and pop-up galleries for most of the season, including the famous Boston Calling music festival, and the Boston ähts Festival.

Rhode Island brings music to the summer air, too, with jazz festivals rounding out the summer season on Rhode Island. The bulk of their summer, though, is about the sea.

Where are the best outdoor activities in New England?

Stephen Curet Jr. discusses what Rhode Island lacks in summertime music and arts, it makes up for in activities. With their affinity for the water, it’s no surprise they offer plenty of surfing and kayaking classes. Stephen Curet Jr. says those more ground-oriented can find joy in the many hiking, biking, and bouldering trails in Lincoln Woods and beyond.

Stephen Curet Jr. explains that Vermont is into their watersports too, adding canoeing, sailing, and paddle-boarding to the itinerary. They also offer lake swimming, as well as fishing and fly-fishing.

If it’s exhilaration and adventure on the itinerary, it’s next stop Connecticut. With ‘kidulting’ taking over summer, Connecticut is the place to go this summer.

Not only do they offer all of the above activities in their adult summer camp, but they add water skiing and trapezing to that list too – oh, and a 350-foot zip line from on top of a casino! Their adult summer camp offers more mature activities, too, including wine-tasting and jewelry making, for when it’s time to ‘adult’ again.

Stephen Curet Jr.

What are the best relaxation spots (parks/ beaches) to visit in New England?

Speaking of ‘adulting’, Stephen Curet Jr. says New England offers plenty of stunning natural locations to visit, for those with a more relaxed summer in mind.

There are more than enough beaches to visit in New England, but the best has to be those along Cape Cod according to Stephen Curet Jr.. It has over 130 beaches to its name, the most popular of which are Coast Guard Beach for families, and Plum Island Beach for nature lovers.

Sand Beach in Maine is another popular beach, particularly with hikers. Known for its rocky terrain, adventurers climb over to a gem of a beach, with soft sand and sparkling waters all the eye can see.

What are the best parks in New England?

For those who prefer to keep their feet dry on holiday, there are still plenty of places in New England worth visiting this summer says Stephen Curet Jr.. While New England might not have any national parks, there are still plenty of beautiful parks to explore.

Cardigan Mountain State Park is a stunning park in New Hampshire, with hiking trails winding up to the west slope of Mount Cardigan. With a lush variety of trees and some of the best views in the region atop Mount Cardigan, this park is must-see if a for those in search of a scenic summer.

For a more relaxed approach to greenery, Moose Point Park in Maine is the place to go. Perfect for picnics and play, the trails are easy to walk even for kids, and even offer grills and gazebos as respite points.

Final Thoughts

Though it might not be the busiest or most exciting, there are still more than enough ways to enjoy a fulfilling family, couple, or even solo summer in New England this year states Stephen Curet Jr..

The stunning sceneries make for breathtaking moments and memorable photos, and the unique activities across the states will make for experiences that last a lifetime.