April 24, 2024

Naomi Soldon Discusses Trending Wisconsin Business News

Naomi Soldon is a Partner with Soldon McCoy in Wisconsin, a law firm that specializes in representing organized labor. Naomi Soldon frequently blogs on employment law and today provides an update on trending Wisconsin business news below.

With so much happening related to business in the Badger State, it’s important to keep up. Today, Naomi Soldon will share 3 of the latest business stories coming out of Wisconsin, including growing support for renewable energies, an up-and-coming Milwaukee startup, and some good news for a local park. Let’s dive in!

Increased Support for Renewables

Scott Coenen, executive director of the Wisconsin Conservative Energy Forum, reported that recent polls show nearly universal support for clean and renewable energies throughout Wisconsin, no matter if you’re conservative, moderate, or liberal. This marks a shift in recent years as more Wisconsinites embrace renewables.

Naomi Soldon reports that recently, Wisconsin GOP lawmakers have made efforts to bolster the state’s solar industries, introducing legislation to provide funding for electric vehicles and solar manufacturers. Although their focus isn’t directed on climate change, Coenen has stated that by shifting the discussion towards jobs, infrastructure, and market growth, the GOP is slowly embracing greener solutions.

Meanwhile, Democratic lawmakers are working to push through a bill that would reduce the state’s carbon footprint. Naomi Soldon says that although it’s been met with some resistance from conservative legislators, there’s still hope that the bill will make it through debates and create a greater opportunity for solar and other renewable energy producers.

Currently, renewable energy sources account for roughly 10% of Wisconsin’s total energy output, much of which comes from solar. Energy experts report that Wisconsin has largely untapped wind resources, though, and that by tapping into those resources, the state could reduce its carbon footprint by 80%.

Madison Residents Swarm to Olbrich Park to Celebrate Labyrinth Opening

The holiday season might be over but that doesn’t mean Madison residents have nothing to celebrate. This past weekend, residents swarmed to Olbrich Park on the east side of Lake Monona to inaugurate the opening of a new Labyrinth exhibit.

Naomi Soldon explains that the Labyrinth is a new open-air art exhibition designed by Lilian Sizemore. Created from walls of pine and birch, the Labyrinth loops and swirls into a 100-foot-wide maze. Yet, there’s little chance of getting trapped or lost. The walls rise just a few feet off the ground and the Labyrinth loops right back to its start.

Residents seem to have fully embraced the experience, taking note of the multi-sensory rush of snow, brisk winter air, and the smell of pine. The exhibit will stay open during the park’s usual hours through the end of February. Visit with your family, take pictures, and enjoy the afternoon walking through the Labyrinth.

NBA Players Invest in Milwaukee Start-Up

Milwaukee entrepreneurs Paul Anton and Lyth Saeed have received the financial backing they need to proceed with their latest venture into smart fitness—Huupe. Their smart basketball hoop hopes to transform basketball in the same way that the Peloton transformed home cycling. But they’re not the only ones banking on its success, explains Naomi Soldon.

Since its founding, Huupe has received funding from a host of investors, including the Green Bay-based Tundra Angels, Milwaukee’s F Street Ventures, and two NBA players—Trevor Booker and Thaddeus Young. Currently, their investments total around $1 million, giving enough support to push the young start-up company into the public arena.

Naomi Soldon reports that Huupe has planned for around 3,000 orders, starting in February of 2022. Each smart hoop is built with a weatherproof screen, costing $3,500, and allows players to track their performance, get expert training, and improve their game in real-time. However, unlike Peloton, Huupe doesn’t aim to market to adults. Instead, it will market itself to teens and youth hoping to become the next great NBA player.

For now, it seems that Huupe’s engineering team will stay in Milwaukee but, since its growth, Saeed and Anton have left for LA, moving Huupe’s headquarters to the NBA capital. This is likely to stay in touch with its main market—young urbanites with a love for the sport.

As the company grows larger, Huupe is sure to become the next big thing in home athletic tech.

Final Thoughts

As the year proceeds, check in with Naomi Soldon again to find out more of the latest business news in Wisconsin to stay updated on all the latest developments in renewable tech, green energy, successful business launches, and all of the biggest news in Wisconsin.