July 25, 2024
Joe Anselm

Joe Anselm Explains the Meaning of Living Your Truth

Joe Anselm is a singer, songwriter, and believer of living a truthful, honest, and authentic life. In this article, Joe Anselm discusses ways to find your path and achieve an authentic self.

A life of authenticity seems to be the eternal goal. It’s sought after and fought for, and it has been since the queries of philosophy and the human condition were first questioned. It’s difficult to concretely define, which leads individuals on a mission to define it for themselves.

As a creator of original songs, Joe Anselm explains that understanding the advantages of “living your truth” can be easier said than done and practicing an authentic life can have its challenges. Though it may be difficult, Joe Anselm has found that the best songs come from living an authentic life, because people resonate with honesty.

Joe Anselm on When to Live Authentically

Joe Anselm says the biggest question for a person who wants to live an authentic life is: How honest am I willing to be with myself and those around me?

The answer always rests within the individual. Approaching this lifestyle change is something personal to all who find themselves called to the challenge. It can be painful to look inward and evaluate the integrity and honesty of one’s life. But it can also be a rewarding process. Some discover their authentic voice when they are young and others in middle to late life; and yet others never do. Joe Anselm knows that to be the most effective and impactful singer-songwriter he can be, he needed to peel back the most intimate layers of his mind and soul so he can be an authentic truth-teller in his music.

Regardless of when in life one finds their authentic self, Joe Anselm shares that the signs can look like this:

  • One finds themselves surrounded by negativity – whether it’s in the way they interpret what people say to them, how they speak to themselves, or in any other form.
  • A person’s inner monologue is constant pessimism. This can indicate the ego’s masking of truth…and a lack of self-love. And loving oneself is the foundation of authenticity.
  • They find themselves lacking emotional hygiene. This can be shown several different ways, including overthinking, a lack of emotional regulation, and the like explains Joe Anselm.
  • Life has lost its “zest”. They feel they’re in a boring place where they can do more, but don’t know how to do execute it.

If one finds themselves dealing with one, all, or any combination of the signs – they could theorize a solution can be found by making a switch to an honest lifestyle- or “living their truth”.

How To Live an Authentic Life

Joe Anselm says that once the journey to self-discovery and authenticity begins, the path is unique for each person. Songwriting has helped Joe express his honest self, and he recommends that each person consider what activity can help him or her find their truth, whether it be through music, sports, meditation, yoga, or another passion that connects them with the core of who they are.

Though it varies for everyone, Joe Anselm says that some of the most common ways a person can find themselves living an honest lifestyle are:

  • Being transparent with their emotions. Too often do people “bottle up” their emotions and feelings- an honest lifestyle implores the individual to feel their feelings as they come rather than pushing them down.
  • Surrounding oneself with their passions. Pursuing the joys of life raises vibrations, making the person feel worthy of their joys.
  • Practicing self-growth and creating boundaries. Joe Anselm explains that self-care isn’t always easy- it also involves being real about the areas of life that are causing more harm than good: toxic friendships, bad habits, etc.
  • Self-acceptance. Comparison is a thief of joy- the sooner a person comes to understand that they are all they need to be happy, the better.

As previously mentioned, all of this can vary based on the person. For some, finding balance may involve rehabilitation, leaving a dangerous household, or other major life changes, while for others, living authentically may just mean speaking affirmations in the mornings.

The main piece of advice that anyone on this journey should heed is to listen to oneself. Joe Anselm says that no one can aid a person on their path to self-truth better than the person themselves.

Joe Anselm
Accepting The Path of Honesty

Like all lifestyle changes, practice does make a huge difference. Start small: when someone asks how you are doing, tell the truth. When making casual conversation and a friend says something that sparks your intuition that perhaps there is more to their usual comment, say “tell me more about that.” You will notice changes immediately in the way you interact with the world and the way the world interacts with you! Joe Anselm suggests that speaking the truth in smaller things each day will lead you to speaking your truth about the seemingly bigger things in life that are more difficult to discuss.

So how does someone know if they’re on the right path? Joe Anselm provides below some signs of positive change:

  • There are feelings of self-regulation. One no longer finds themselves thinking anxiously or spiraling into their emotions- they can instead calm themselves down from these thinking patterns, or not find themselves leaning into them at all.
  • They validate themselves rather than searching for validation from others.
  • They feel no guilt about being honest with others- even if it’s as simple as telling people “No”.
  • They no longer fear being alone with their thoughts.
  • They accept their wholeness- bad habits and all.

In a world where it is so easy to forget the miracle of just being, both learning and practicing an honest lifestyle can foster peace of “being”, mindfulness and wholeness. Joe Anselm has found songwriting encourages his honesty, and his honesty feeds his songwriting. He encourages everyone to find their truth through a mindful passion that enables them to express the soul and spirit they’ve been given to share with the world.