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How to Boost Your Buch Dissertation Fellowship Application

To get a higher degree in your academics, students need to write a perfect dissertation. Dissertation research requires money, so students look for fellowship programs and scholarships. Buch Dissertation Fellowship comes into place to assist students in achieving academic excellence. However, getting this chance to avail of this fellowship for a stipend of $13,500 for one semester is quite difficult.

Since 1980, the BU Center for the Humanities (BUCH) has been a hub for humanities research, creativity, and support at BU. It was founded with a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Undoubtedly, it is difficult to boost your application to achieve this Buch Dissertation Fellowship because these are different from the Graduate Student Awards. So, most of the students applying for this fellowship don’t take the risk of losing it and get dissertation help online. Expert writers assist students in making their papers well-written and also in achieving this remarkable program.

Here, we will discuss the Buch dissertation fellowship in detail and how to get success in it by creating an effective application.

What is a Dissertation Fellowship?

Just like a scholarship, it is a very helpful program for dissertation writing PhD students that supports them financially. By getting this aid, students can be more focused on research. This dissertation fellowship covers the major expenses of the research students and frees them from the tension of everyday expenses.

Components of Buch Dissertation Fellowship Application

Following is the list of important things that are required for your Buch application:

  1. Approval page of your dissertation prospectus, which your instructors also signed.
  2. A complete explanation of the student’s dissertation project and its progress, along with a bibliography
  3. A perfectly written CV
  4. A private letter of recommendation from your initial reader
  5. A confidential recommendation letter from your Graduate Studies Director (DGS) for your support

Top 9 Tips to Boost Your Application for Buch Dissertation Fellowship

As a graduate or PhD student, you can achieve your dissertation’s success by getting the Buch Dissertation Fellowship! However, there is a lot of competition due to multiple students applying at a time. In such circumstances, you need proper guidance to power up your application to attract the committee.

The following are the top 9 tried-and-true strategies for creating a standout application:

1. Describe Your Research Passion

A perfectly written dissertation demands your full concentration on the research. Whether you are doing qualitative, quantitative or mixed research, you need to show your passion for it in your application. Just stating your topic is not enough instead, you should express everything, like your excitement for this project and how it might affect your field.

Wondering what would be its impact? It will positively impact the selection committee to see how passionate you are about your research work and will find you the most appropriate candidate for this Buch dissertation fellowship.

2. Completely Focus on Your Research

You can’t get any scholarship without concentrating on your project and just showing it off. Full-time concentration on the dissertation research is essential for your success. Students should clearly state their hypothesis or research question so that the committee members get to know their research aims. Create a proper schedule to work on your dissertation to make it more impactful and attainable.

3. Show Your Problem-Solving Skills

Your research questions are the blueprints of your study. Firstly, after selecting a topic for your dissertation, you should design your research questions based on your aim of study. It must be clear in your mind what the things you are planning to solve through this dissertation writing are.

Give a brief explanation of how your study fills a significant knowledge gap in this industry to get the Buch dissertation fellowship. Furthermore, you should also explore how your study will advance certain boundaries and help society or your field.

4. Enlist Your Research Journey

How and why you choose this method of research is the first thing that everyone wants to know about. So, you should give a brief description of everything from the instruments you’ll use to collect data to the technical methods you will use for your study.

Moreover, you should describe why these techniques are ideal for getting your desired results. You should have a complete command of these things to showcase your knowledge and expertise in your field of study.

5. Create a Winning Research Proposal

To get a Buch dissertation fellowship, you need to make every possible effort to make your application stand out from others. It is essential to craft a meaningful research proposal to attract the committee’s attention. An interesting, eye-opening start will hook your readers to your study. After that, you should give a clear, succinct explanation of your study questions, methodology and also discuss its possible impact.

While writing such an important task, you should avoid using too much jargon so that everyone can clearly understand your research work. Keep in mind that your written work should speak louder than its actual place to earn this Buch dissertation fellowship.

6. Get Recommendations from Instructors

No one is so perfect in their student life that they don’t need suggestions from their seniors and teachers. You should also keep consulting those who have more knowledge and expertise in your work. Their helpful recommendations will pave a smooth path to attain success in this fellowship application. You should discuss your project with the instructors from time to time and also ask for letters of recommendation from them.

In case you don’t get the desired help from your teachers, you can also consult professional dissertation writers in your field. They mostly have experience dealing with such cases, so they provide all the guidelines you need from them to enhance your Buch dissertation fellowship application.

7. Proofread Like a Pro

After completing your application writing, including research relayed things and dissertation proposal, it’s time to proofread it well. Any unwanted grammatical, spelling and typo mistakes can ruin your application within seconds. So, you should carefully analyse all the content and make it completely error-free. To do so, you can also use different tools for grammar and spell checks that also save you time and energy.

Along with that, you should also ask a reliable friend or advisor to proofread your application for clarity and coherence. Other than this, you can avail of dissertation proofreading help from experts. It also supports removing all the mistakes that you might miss during editing and proofreading.

8. Submit Before Deadlines

You should confidently submit your Buch dissertation fellowship application before the deadline comes. On-time submission of your work also plays an important role in achieving success. Sometimes, at the ending days of application submission, you may find some issues like the website not working, not reaching your documents on time, etc. So, you should make sure that your application is submitted days before the deadline to prevent any last-minute technological issues.

9. Understand Selection Criteria Well

While getting ready to apply for any scholarship, including the Buch dissertation fellowship, you should first understand their selection criteria. Read about everything they have given on the website and stay updated through their newsletters. You should carefully check all the essential requirements for this application and fulfil them on time. You should also understand your committee’s expectations, their selection criteria, and the research topics of previous winning recipients. Make every effort to ensure your application speaks to their top concerns.

Buch Dissertation Fellowship Examples

The following are some examples of students who finally won this amazing opportunity to get paid for their dissertations. Such as:

A History PhD candidate Charley Binkow won the BU center and got this Dissertation Fellowship for the year 2022-23. His dissertation work was all about exploring abortion criminalisation in the middle of the 19th century.

Another example we picked is from a graduate student Zara Amdur, who also attended a Buch dissertation fellowship for the upcoming year. The aim of this graduate dissertation fellowship was to support her for a semester to do thorough research. Her dissertation topic was “Women and Metaphors of Sexual Reproduction in Plato,” which gave her a chance to take part in a BUCH fellow seminar.

Eligibility and Expectations

Boston University has enlisted all the following important points for student’s eligibility for this fellowship:

  • All eligible departments can nominate up to two graduate students for a Graduate Dissertation Fellowship.
  • Faculty mostly prefer students who are nearing the completion of their graduate studies.
  • They expect all the selected fellows to defend their dissertations by August of the fellowship year.
  • The fellowship marks the final stage of graduate work at BU.
  • Fellows should attend Buch Fellows Seminars by rescinding in the Buch during their Buch dissertation fellowship.
  • The selected fellows should concentrate only on their dissertation work and avoid getting involved in other activities like employment for additional earnings.
  • Selected fellows are eligible to use office space in the Buch suite.

How to Win a Dissertation Fellowship?

Most of the students look for a secret formula to get a dissertation fellowship that guarantees their success. We designed a plan to assist students in winning Buch dissertation fellowship, such as:

  • Keenly focus on your research and create purposeful research questions.
  • Show your great interest in the work so that the committee can agree to give you a grant.
  • You should demonstrate that you are very passionate about your research work.
  • Completely write your application under the expert’s supervision.
  • Proofread it well before submission to give it a more polished look.
  • You should also consider networking with different people like previous fellowship winners, your teachers and field experts for some inside tips and tricks.


In this academic landscape, every student wants to get a scholarship to fund their research work. In this quest for financial support from some organisations, the Buch dissertation fellowship comes to the top of available options. However, getting this fellowship demands your complete focus on the research topic as well as the best fulfilment of the application.

We have designed this whole article solely based on this important issue and helped students to boost their application. In addition, students also seek guidance from dissertation writing services to ensure their success in their Buch dissertation fellowship application. It is a safe play for those who know nothing about such fellowships and can’t rely on their abilities for success.

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