April 25, 2024

Gary Katcher and Randy Saluck Announce Libertas Funding, LLC’s Support of the Arts

Gary Katcher, Founder and Chairman, and Randy Saluck, Chief Executive Officer, of Libertas Funding, LLC, a Greenwich, Connecticut-based financing company, are proud to announce that in honor of World Art Day on April 15, Libertas Funding, LLC made a significant donation to support the opening of a new art gallery space for City Lights Gallery/Bridgeport Art Trail, a non-profit arts organization in Bridgeport, Connecticut. This gallery will introduce the works of artists in Bridgeport and the surrounding area to the local community.

City Lights’ mission statement affirms its belief in the “power of the arts to enrich, engage, nurture, and inspire” and to build relationships through collaborations with diverse populations. City Lights is best known for its annual Bridgeport Art Trail, a weekend-long celebration of local art involving 200+ artists and 7,000 attendees. According to Gary Katcher, this event “provides a wonderful opportunity to promote Bridgeport artists and help them create deeper connections with the broader Fairfield County community.”

One of City Lights’ primary goals is to introduce young students to different art forms, which Randy Saluck believes is “critical to the development of youth, providing them with a way to think and express themselves creatively.” These programs provide students with exposure to a number of accomplished local artists, who provide them with inspiration and hands-on guidance to foster their artistic growth. Over the past eight years, City Lights has provided a range of arts programs for 2,200 youth, including classes in stenciling, mural painting and even holiday wreath-making. They also organize field trips for children to museums and shows.

Gary Katcher and Randy Saluck stated that they believe that companies can play an important role in contributing to the cultural life of the cities in which they operate and that they hope that Libertas Funding, LLC’s support of City Lights will help the organization thrive.

To learn more about the programs City Lights organizes for both adults and youth, please visit www.citylightsgallery.org or, to enjoy one of their ten annual exhibitions, visit 265 Golden Hill Street, Bridgeport, CT, where their gallery is free and open to the public.

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