July 25, 2024
dr. zachary f solomon

Dr. Zachary F. Solomon on Strength Training for Weight Loss

Dr. Zachary F. Solomon is a cardiac surgeon who is often asked for advice regarding weight management. The truth is that there are many different ways that a person can lose excess weight, and all of them involve making smarter choices in the kitchen. However, regarding physical activity, Dr. Zachary Solomon recommends choosing an activity that can be enjoyed. For many, this means turning to weight training. Today, Dr. Zachary Solomon will provide an overview of what you need to know when looking to lose weight through strength training.

Dr. Zachary Solomon understands that many people think of cardio exercises like running or swimming when they think of losing weight, but strength training cannot only help shed calories, it can help with the recomposition of the body. When starting a weightlifting regimen, Dr. Zachary Solomon recommends focusing on two or three body parts per session in the gym. Instead of trying to lift the heaviest weight possible, find a weight that you are comfortable with performing an exercise 12-15 times with minimal rest. For example, if focusing on the chest through a bench-press exercise, lessen your max weight so that you can slowly control the weight on the way up and on the way down towards the center of your chest. Time under tension will not only help shed calories, but it will offer the greatest toning benefits. Most people will pair chest and back during a given training session. By choosing a lower weight, there’s no need to rest between chest and back exercises, which can be alternated. This will get the heart rate up and put the body in a calorie-burning state.

One of the main reasons to turn towards weightlifting is that it can increase our lean body mass. Weightlifting increases lean body mass because it stimulates what is known as myofibrillar protein synthesis. This process reinforces one’s muscle fibers with new proteins. This process not only helps build strength, but it also can boost our metabolism, which allows a person to burn more calories while they are resting. If someone is sticking to a weightlifting routine, they will have an easier time creating a caloric deficit in the kitchen, because they will be able to consume more calories than if they were not exercising regularly.

Dr. Zachary Solomon has always recommended working out with weights first thing in the morning. Most people find that after they enjoy a strength training session, they are more likely to make smarter food decisions throughout the day. There’s a motivation that comes with working out that makes people want to make the most of their exercise regimen. As results start to occur, it only motivates people to cut out unnecessary sugar, alcohol, and processed foods that make it more difficult to lose weight. Working out first thing in the morning also assists with our mental health. Exercising is a great stress reliever and will naturally release endorphins that boost one’s mood.

One of the nicer things about training with weights is that a person only needs to perform strength training exercises three to four times a week for them to prove effective. Once a person starts to experience results, they should consider implementing new exercises into the routine. Dr. Zachary Solomon recommends keeping the muscles guessing so that the most amount of weight can be lost.