April 25, 2024
Dr. Kelly Roan

Dr. Kelly Roan on Simple Lifestyle Changes With Major Health Benefits

As a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Kelly Roan is a significant proponent of a holistic approach to health. People with unhealthy habits often get overwhelmed by the thought of making drastic lifestyle changes to look and feel healthier. Dr. Kelly Roan believes anyone can significantly change their overall health with just a few simple lifestyle shifts. What is essential is that a person approaches these lifestyle changes with a positive attitude. Dr. Kelly Roan recommends approaching change with the mindset that one is adding to their life rather than making a sacrifice. When changes are approached with the proper mindset, amazing things can happen.

The first simple change Dr. Kelly Roan suggests making is stepping on the scale once a week. Many people step on the scale during their annual doctor’s visit, and that’s it. The problem is that ignoring the scale is a great y to ignore unhealthy weight gain. Stepping on a scale every week not only allows a person to make lifestyle changes when they notice a jump in their weight, but it also motivates them to make smarter decisions before the next week’s weigh-in. To take things a step further, quickly jot down the weekly weigh-ins in a journal. This practice can be extremely rewarding when looking back at one’s progress over time.

Another great lifestyle change is reading nutritional labels when grocery shopping. It can be a truly eye-opening experience to realize how much sugar is in a can of soda or how much cholesterol is inside our favorite sugary treat. The simple act of reading the label will have a person making more intelligent, healthier food purchases.

Dr. Kelly Roan encourages every person to talk to their Doctor about a daily multivitamin supplement. Countless studies show the power of fruits and vegetables in managing weight gain, boosting the immune system, and leading a person to feel like the best version of themselves. A multivitamin can be a great way to ensure a person gets their daily supply of vital nutrients. Different multivitamins work best for different people, so it is always wise to consult a primary physician.

One of the best things a person can do for their health is to prioritize hydration. Maintaining quality hydration levels can improve everything from energy levels to the health of a person’s skin. The best way to prioritize hydration is to cut out drinks that aren’t water. Most sodas and juices either contain too much sugar or too many calories.

Dr. Kelly Roan believes that an active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. One of the hardest things to do in the modern world is to get away from screen time. Disconnecting is good for our mental well-being and allows for more time to get active and connect with nature. Dr. Kelly Roan encourages everyone to ensure they are getting at least thirty minutes of physical exercise daily. This does not have to be organized weightlifting or attending a cycling class. When a schedule is busy, it is totally acceptable to make the day’s exercise going for a walk outside or swimming in the pool. Those who work behind a desk should get up regularly and try to incorporate a few minutes of stretching into their daily routines.

Another simple way to improve their quality of life is to cut alcohol out completely or greatly reduce the amount of alcohol they consume. Many people eat relatively healthy diets throughout the week only to throw all their progress away on their weekends by overindulging. Not only does alcohol contain plenty of unwanted calories, but people will also often make poorer eating decisions when under the influence of alcohol. There are some health benefits linked to moderate drinking, but it is essential to stick to a single glass of red wine as opposed to a bottle.

Finally, Dr. Kelly Roan recommends making sleep a priority. Another danger of the technological age is that people will find themselves scrolling their phones when they should be sleeping. Dr. Kelly Roan recommends sticking to a sleep schedule and looking to disconnect from technology at least an hour before it is time for bed. By giving our eyes and brains a chance to disconnect from technology, it will become easier to fall asleep and into a deep, restorative sleep. When a person enjoys a higher quality of sleep, they will benefit from increased energy levels throughout the day and recover faster from any soreness caused by their 30 minutes of daily exercise.