May 28, 2024
Cory Fitch Minnesota

Cory Fitch of Minnesota Provides Streaming Show Recommendations

Cory Fitch of Minnesota loves the feeling of finding a new show to watch. Like countless others who work hard throughout the week, television can offer a welcome escape at the end of a long day. As we enter yet another month of the ongoing writer’s strike, new shows won’t be coming out for quite some time. For this reason, Cory Fitch of Minnesota wanted to offer some TV show recommendations for people looking for a quality show for entertainment and escapism.

Game of Thrones

Even if you have watched Game of Thrones once when the show was in its original run, Cory Fitch of Minnesota recommends going back for a rewatch. With so many characters and twists and turns, a lot of the plot becomes a lot clearer upon a rewatch. The special effects have not aged at all and the exciting moments remain just as thrilling. If you have never watched Game of Thrones, Cory Fitch of Minnesota can’t recommend this epic enough. While understanding that some viewers were disappointed in the rushed finale, it’s quite simply one of the best shows to ever run on television.

House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon came out well after the Game of Thrones series concluded, but it takes place nearly 200 years before Daenerys Stormborn was born. The show provides a glimpse into the Targaryen dynasty at the peak of its powers. Of course, it wouldn’t be a part of the Game of Thrones franchise without a struggle for power, incredible fight scenes, love triangles and, of course, dragons. The writer’s strike has moved the second season back, but Cory Fitch of Minnesota notes that the first season is the perfect watch for any Game of Thrones fan.


If you are a fan of old school action movies like Cory Fitch of Minnesota, you will absolutely love Reacher. The show follows a retired military special agent who is on the hunt to reveal how his brother was murdered. As the show goes on the shady underbelly of a small southern town begins to show itself. Reacher teams up with the only honest cops in the town as they try to gain evidence while being hunted by a criminal syndicate that spans the globe. Cory Fitch of Minnesota notes that Reacher reminds him of old Arnold Schwarzenegger movies where one man was seemingly indestructible despite incredible odds. As long as you don’t take it too seriously, you will have a lot of fun viewing Reacher on Amazon Prime.

The Last of Us

You don’t have to have enjoyed The Walking Dead to enjoy The Last of Us on HBO Max. It’s a different type of Zombie apocalypse show. There’s a lot more emphasis on the human reaction to the end of the world and the struggle to find hope and meaning when everything seems lost. Even if you haven’t watched the whole series, Cory Fitch of Minnesota recommends watching episode 3, which is unexpectedly one of the better love stories of any show in television history.


Yellowstone is currently available on Paramount Plus and Peacock. The show stars Kevin Costner as a ranch owner in Montana who will stop at nothing to preserve his ranch and his way of life. With threats surrounding the ranch, a family that is not exactly all on the same page must come together to protect their ranch and the future of their way of life. The show has an incredible cast of characters, and it doesn’t hurt that the Montana views are breathtaking in every episode. Cory Fitch will warn viewers, however, that they may have the irresistible urge to buy a cowboy hat and ride a horse after watching just a few episodes.

The Mandalorian

Like countless others, Cory Fitch of Minnesota holds the Star Wars movies near and dear to his heart. The Mandalorian, which also stars the star of the Last of Us, Pedro Pascal, is arguably the greatest Star Wars production since the original trilogy. You can tell as you watch the show of a Mandalorian protecting a creature that he met during one of his bounty missions that the entire team behind the show holds the Star Wars movies in high regard. They take great care to capture the same sense of wonder and excitement that George Lucas captured all those years ago.

Cory Fitch of Minnesota thanks you for reading and hopes that you enjoy at least a few of these great shows as we await the end of the writer’s strike to see what shows will capture our collective imaginations next.