July 25, 2024

Buy Instagram Likes: Uncover the 11 Top Sites Everyone Loves

It’s a wonderful feeling when the likes count on your Instagram posts start climbing.

For many content creators who’ve labored long and hard on their videos, just seeing more and more likes on their posts is all the reward they need. For those whose ultimate goal is becoming influential and important on the social media platform, accumulating a high number of Instagram engagements is an important step in their journey to Instagram fame and fortune.

Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, it’s just a dream for the vast majority of Instagram users.

Needless to say, if you want lots of people to like what you post, you need a large audience. And the Instagram algorithms have been programmed to keep that from happening.

Visibility on Instagram

The app has nearly 2.5 billion users, and more than 100 million photos and videos are uploaded to Instagram every single day. You don’t have to crunch the numbers to know there’s no way most of that content will ever be seen widely in users’ feeds.

Enter the system’s algorithms, which act as social media traffic cops. They decide which videos get lots of exposure and which are left to languish, largely unseen.

Who wins and who loses? Essentially, Insta users who are already popular on the app, and those whose posts have become popular, are given big audiences. Everyone else is out of luck.

So, what can someone with a small fan base do to make sure that a large number of people see a new video they’ve posted?

There’s only one strategy that works: buying Instagram likes.

Instagram Likes and the IG Algorithms

When you send high-quality likes from a trustworthy Instagram service to one of your posts, the influx of likes tells the algorithms that the post is becoming more popular. In response, the videos receive bigger audiences.

That clears the way for your video’s organic growth, as your new viewers get their first chance to watch and like your content (and follow your account). Small Instagram accounts can become larger ones, and influencers can become dominant. In fact, the latter often find that purchasing likes for their most popular posts may put them on the Explore page or help them go viral.

There’s just one catch. The likes have to come from real Instagram users with real accounts on the app, and only reputable social media marketing services can deliver those real Instagram likes. Fly-by-night operators use bots and fake accounts to create “fake Instagram likes,” which are quickly deleted and can get you banned. Of course, they don’t help with IG growth, either.

Finding a reputable likes service can be difficult, but we’re here to make that task easier. These are the 11 best sites to buy real Instagram likes.

1. Buzzoid

Buzzoid’s Instagram likes are the best you can buy. They’re 100% real, they’re delivered instantly, and they trigger strong organic growth for the posts that receive them.

One big reason Buzzoid has essentially perfected the art of providing genuine IG likes is that they’ve been doing it for more than a decade. They got into the Instagram service industry shortly after the app was launched, allowing them to develop expertise that only one other provider (our #2 ranked service) can match.

There are 20 likes packages to choose from. You can order anywhere from 50 to 10,000 genuine, high-quality likes, or the same numbers of “premium likes” that come from very active Insta users and carry more weight with the system’s algorithms. There’s also an option to choose “automatic likes” which are delivered each time you add a post to your Instagram page.

Buzzoid provides instant delivery of all IG likes, and prices their packages no higher (and often lower) than other reputable services. The ordering experience is fast, secure, and anonymous (you only have to supply your Instagram username, never your password), and a helpful customer support team is on duty day and night to help in any way necessary.

All packages can be split between multiple posts, and they all include video views free of charge. Available payment methods include debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, and PayPal, and all customer data is completely protected with the use of secure servers and encrypted transactions.

Quality, variety, service, and results — they all combine to earn Buzzoid our highest ranking.

Click here to buy real Instagram likes from Buzzoid

2. Twicsy

The previous review could just as easily have been written for Twicsy since the many positive features of this heritage provider are very similar to Buzzoid’s.

Twicsy has a decade of experience, offers a large selection of standard high-quality and premium likes that match any account size, provides lightning-fast delivery, and charges very affordable prices for their high-end service. Needless to say, all Twicsy likes come from real Instagram users with real accounts on the app.

Likes packages can be divided between multiple posts and come with free video views, a definite plus. The anonymous Twicsy ordering and checkout process takes less than a minute, multiple payment options are available, and a 24-hour customer support team can answer any question or solve minor issues quickly and efficiently.

What matters most, of course, are results — and Twicsy engagements are known for triggering strong organic growth for posts’ exposure and popularity. Most who’ve tried both Twicsy and Buzzoid say that Twicsy’s results rank just a tiny bit lower than Buzzoid’s, but the difference is so small that either service would be a great choice for Instagram growth.

Click here to buy real Instagram likes from Twicsy

3. Rushmax

Rushmax doesn’t have the same long history of delivering Instagram likes, followers, and views that our top two services boast. However, that hasn’t stopped them from developing an impressive likes service that’s almost as good.

All of Rushmax’s IG likes are 100% real, and you can order anywhere from 50 to 10,000 instant likes in less than 60 seconds after choosing your package. Premium likes that deliver even better results are also available with rapid delivery. This provider guarantees safety and security for accounts and client data and has support reps on duty around the clock.

Rushmax likes can strongly jumpstart organic growth for the posts receiving them. Your results may not quite match those seen from Buzzoid or Twicsy engagements, but they’re better than those delivered by all competitors lower on this list. That’s why many influencers use Rushmax whenever they want to vary the sources of their high-quality, real likes.

Click here to buy real Instagram likes from Rushmax

4. InstaPort

Even though this is the newest Instagram likes service in our top four, we don’t hesitate to recommend them. InstaPort has an engagement package for every customer, starting with 50 real likes for smaller accounts and building up to 10,000 genuine likes for IG power users. All prices are fair and delivery is immediate.

Nothing is lacking in InstaPort’s service. The ordering process is streamlined and easy to navigate, secure servers and encryption fully protect all transactions, and 24/7 customer support can answer pre- or post-order questions, resolve occasional delivery issues, or craft custom packages of Instagram likes, views, and followers.

Posts receiving InstaPort likes will rapidly receive larger audiences and greater engagement, both right around the same level that Rushmax likes create. This is another provider that’s certainly great for IG users looking for diversity, but InstaPort is building its own base of devoted customers as well.

The rest of these suppliers aren’t on the same level as our top four choices, and we’ll explain why in their reviews. However, they’ve earned mention because their likes are all 100% real.

  1. TheIGPros — High-quality, real likes are delivered very slowly.
  2. Follower Flow — Slow delivery and lesser results keep this service in our second tier.
  3. Stairway to Influence — The experience is excellent but likes are only moderate quality.
  4. InstaShop — You never know how much growth you’ll see from this unpredictable service.
  5. InstaMiracle — It’s safe, but otherwise a very ordinary provider.
  6. Elite Insta — An expensive monthly service that doesn’t provide fast growth.
  7. Pulse Pixel — Low-priced likes have exactly the effect you’d expect from a budget service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t there any other way to build popularity for and engagement with my videos?

Not really.

When USA and European content creators first made use of Instagram to reach big audiences, there wasn’t the type of competition for viewers that exists today. They could simply post compelling, high-quality content and they would accumulate large numbers of likes for their content. That would translate into lots of new Instagram followers, too.

They could boost their videos even more by promoting them on their other social media accounts, using lots of trending hashtags, and optimizing their Instagram profiles to draw in users searching for the topic their videos focused on.

Once the flood of new content became overwhelming, the app created the algorithms we mentioned earlier. Previously effective methods of building visibility no longer worked; only popular users and videos could be guaranteed large audiences.

Buying IG likes is the best way to avoid the algorithms’ roadblocks and earn more exposure on the platform.

Why does this method work?

Instagram measures the popularity of videos by looking at their engagement rate, a metric that shows how often Insta users interact with posts by watching them, liking them, and commenting on them. When you buy real Instagram likes for a video, that sends its engagement rate soaring and tells the algorithms that the vid deserves more exposure.

Once large numbers of users see your post, you’ll begin adding lots of organic likes from random viewers who like what they’ve seen.

Additionally, having a high number of likes for a post provides what’s known as “social proof” to surfers that a video is popular and worth watching.

Can’t I accomplish the same thing by purchasing followers, comments, or video views?

Buying Instagram views or comments will do the same thing but more slowly. Likes count even more than views and comments in the formulas used to allocate visibility for individual videos. Buying new followers works if you’re also trying to build a larger fan base for your account, because the system measures follower growth to award exposure for all of the content you post.

Does buying likes help businesses, or just content creators?

It works for anyone who produces high-quality content. (Building a large audience won’t do much good if your videos don’t get people to hit the “like” button.)

More specifically, purchased likes are common elements in a company’s Instagram marketing strategy. The increased activity on their account helps them build an engaged community of customers and potential customers in their target audiences, allowing them to build brands, introduce new products, and generate sales and revenue.

Is this safe?

Yes, as long as you’re buying from a quality service that delivers active likes from real people. They’ll rapidly and effectively help build your social media presence without violating any of Instagram’s terms and conditions. Only fake likes sold by scammy websites break the app’s rules and can endanger your account.

By Chris Bates