July 25, 2024
Brendan Mace Reviews

Brendan Mace Reviews Marketing Techniques for Small Business Owners

Brendan Mace is an entrepreneur of both online and brick and mortar small businesses in Vernon BC, Canada. In the following article, Brendan Mace reviews the biggest marketing techniques that small business owners need to know to be seen in their industry.

Starting a business is hard. New entrepreneurs need all the help they can get when trying to get their brand off the ground. But with so many people having similar ideas, it can be hard to get a business off the ground. What is a small business to do?

Niche Awareness

Brendan Mace reviews that one of the hardest parts of getting started as a new business owner is knowing one’s niche. This means examining what one wants to do and determining how to be the best at it.

Brendan Mace reviews several points below when focusing on a niche:

  • Establishes an authority.
  • It makes a business easier to find.
  • Allows a business to be easier to find within a target market.

Not only does having a niche help market a service or product, but it also allows entrepreneurs to see the competition. Understanding what competitors offer is an important part of being successful in your own business. And having a quality marketing strategy starts with having a niche.

Social Media

For some small businesses, Brendan Mace says that social media can be more important than a webpage. Many small businesses live entirely on Facebook. Similarly, many artists thrive on Instagram. And almost any business can take advantage of YouTube or TikTok platforms providing videos about what they do.

Brendan Mace reviews that it is important to align a social media strategy with the target audience. If a business’s target audience is under 40 years old, there is a 70% chance they will have a TikTok account. If the audience skews older, Facebook may be a better strategy.

Pay for Ads

One of the best investments that small business owners can make is to pay for ad space explains Brendan Mace. Paid advertising gets a business directly into the eyeballs of the target audience. Every small business can consider paid ads if social media is not doing the job. Paid ads are fast, cheap, and worth the expense.

Make Content

One of the best marketing techniques a business can utilize is making content. Content usually means informative blog posts that align with a business’s niche. Often, these are optimized to appear in Google search results, leading to a target audience that is already looking for what the business is selling.

Brendan Mace reviews that this content does not have to be blog posts. Many businesses and artists easily grow their fan base on TikTok. YouTubers also have merchandise stores or affiliate market links. There are many creative ways to make content, and any entrepreneur can do it.

Brendan Mace Reviews
Email Marketing (and Other Promotions)

With social media marketing becoming easier and easier, Brendan Mace says that many people wonder if email marketing is relevant anymore. Email marketing is the most basic digital marketing out there, and it has not lost its efficacy.

Email is also excellent for sending out promotions and coupons. Even if mailing list services cost a minuscule amount, they can be a powerful tool to get the word out.

Look Locally

With so many consumers shopping online, it is easy to overlook the marketing opportunities nearby. For example, advertising a business in a local paper or on a local news bulletin board can be helpful to those who don’t utilize technology 24/7. Business cards are another classic way to spread the word about a business; it is easy to deliver an “elevator pitch” to people you meet, and hand them a card!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There is no SEO without written content, so it is important to have written content and a place to put it before considering SEO. Search engine optimization requires quality content and understanding the right keywords to optimize that content.

Unfortunately, new businesses may not have the budget for pricey SEO tools, or to pay writers to write articles for their website. It is also slow to deliver returns; SEO can take up to 6 months to yield results. For these reasons, essentially many small businesses do not utilize SEO marketing.


There are many ways that a small business can stand out online. The above marketing techniques can make any small business pop, whether it’s from social media marketing, local marketing, or making sure the business is using SEO content to show up on Google above their competitors.