May 28, 2024
5 Top Jobs for Former Teachers - illustration

5 Top Jobs for Former Teachers

A short summary of 5 best jobs for former teachers for those who consider ending their teaching career.

Transitioning from your career is one of the most challenging tasks for any professional. This is especially true when you look at teachers.

Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions. Not only do you mold the trajectory society takes, but you also empower and guide your students and help them tap the raw potential.

Teaching is a unique career where you get to interact with young impressionable minds. If any, few professions provide the level of dedication and one-on-one engagements demanded by the teaching sector.

While it may come with all the glamor and glory, former teachers have a hard time fitting into any other line of work. After teaching, is there a profession a teacher can turn to?

The short answer to any former teacher looking to switch up careers is yes, it is possible to get a career fitting your experience, skills, and specialization. This then leads to the question, ‘what are the best jobs for former teachers?’

Here are some of the leading professions fit for your teaching expertise.

Human Resources Specialist (HR): Best job for former teachers of psychology

Teachers have the unique ability to see the potential in someone and develop this potency.

As a result, human resources is one of the best jobs for former teachers. This is because the job involves direct engagements with employees.

Human resources is an excellent career if you are looking for a new challenge but maintain the teaching outlook.

Working as an HR specialist will earn you an average salary of about $60,000. However, this could triple depending on the size of the organization and your expertise level.

Registered Nurse: career for ex-teachers of chemistry and biology

Nursing bears a lot of similarities to teaching. Both jobs require exercise empathy, attention to detail, strong organization skills, and emotional intelligence.

These similarities make nursing an easy profession to transition into after teaching. One of the reasons to consider nursing is because it’s one of the in-demand professions. And the demand is only projected to rise in the future, making nursing one of the best jobs for former teachers for years to come.

You will, however, need at least an associate degree in nursing to start out. The degree will take up about two years, but this is dependent on a number of variables.

Nursing attracts an annual average salary of about $75,000.

Marketing Expert: Good job for business-minded teachers

Teaching gives a more in-depth insight into human behavior, an essential skill in the marketing sector. Moreover, if you deem yourself a creative out of the box thinker, this might be the profession for you.

The marketing field is perenially in need of highly skilled professionals who can also empathize with and understand the target customer, which makes it one of the best jobs for former teachers.

While it may not be apparent, as your students grow, you gradually observe their growth, what motivates them, their fears, and ambitions. This information is valuable to any marketer, and most will be dying to bring you on board.

As a marketing specialist, you’ll be earning a median salary of about $65,000; but the best part about marketing is that it allows for a lot of merit-based upward mobility, so it is not uncommon to start making over $100,000 after a few years in this field.

Writer or Journalist: best jobs for former teachers of literature

Writers are always in demand, and since teachers make excellent writers, you’re all set up to excel in the line of work.

Writing in itself is a diverse field, which, in a real sense, may serve as an advantage. Because of the vast opportunities in the field of writing, it’s easy for you to carve out a niche for yourself. Moreover, since the importance of journalism has increased significantly over the last years due to the rise of fake news, your positive and honest contribution in this field will hardly go unnoticed.

Whether you want to be a journalist, ghostwriter, freelance writer, author, or technical writer, these are some of the best jobs for former teachers to tap into.

Additionally, writing is one of the most flexible careers. This means you can still do something else or even choose the times you’re most productive.

Depending on your area of specialization, writing could earn you anywhere from $60,000 to $130,000.

Paralegal: top career for teachers of social sciences

Ever had an interest in law? This could be the best opportunity for you to take up a new challenge.

One of the advantages of becoming a paralegal is you don’t necessarily need additional education to start.

Lawyers and legal firms are always looking for skilled, highly intelligent, and organized professionals to aid with research, pre-trial preparation, and documentation. If these are responsibilities you’d be interested in, then you may want to consider becoming a paralegal. The average salary for a paralegal is $50,000.

Ultimately, if you’re a former teacher looking for a new job, there are tons of opportunities in the market. While you may have to add to your skills, or even enroll in classes, these careers will primarily utilize your teaching abilities and skills. So, as long as you retain a positive attitude, you can count that, sooner or later, you’ll be able to land one of the best jobs for former teachers, one that will make you feel happy and rewarded.

Do you know about any other best jobs for former teachers we did not mention? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments!