April 21, 2024
Benjamin Graziano Des Moines Iowa

Ben Graziano of Des Moines, Iowa, Asks Should The Mavericks Try to Bring in Lebron?

Ben Graziano of Des Moines, Iowa, is a diehard Dallas Mavericks basketball fan. Much like many Dallas Mavericks fans, Ben Graziano of Des Moines, Iowa, is currently wondering how the Mavericks can turn things around next season and return to being a legitimate threat in the Western Conference. When you have a generational talent like Luca on the roster, there’s no excuse for missing the playoffs. When Ben Graziano of Des Moines, Iowa looks at the Nuggets and the Heat in the finals, he understands that the Mavericks need to do something drastic to reach that level next season. The Athletics’ Shams Charania gave Mav’s fans a glimpse of what drastic move could change the course of the franchise when he reported that Kyrie Irving was in touch with Lebron James to gauge his interest in joining the Mavs next season.

Ben Graziano of Des Moines, Iowa, is torn on Kyrie Irving and his status with the Mavericks. An unrestricted free agent at the end of June, Irving has been the subject of countless rumors. Most experts see him returning to the Mavericks as the team gave up quite a bit to acquire him this past season. However, fans are left to wonder if Kyrie and Luca are a proper fit without a third superstar. While many may argue that Dallas isn’t setup to acquire Lebron, NBA players have been forcing trades more than ever in recent years. Whether it is Lebron getting himself to the Lakers, Kevin Durant finding his way to the Suns or Ben Simmons getting out of Philadelphia, we are in the middle of a player empowerment phase. If Lebron wants to come to Dallas, it can absolutely happen. So, the real question is, does Lebron think joining Dallas gives him a better chance to add another title to his historic resume than staying put with the Lakers.

Ben Graziano of Des Moines, Iowa, notes that Lebron and Kyrie have had an interesting past, but they do seem to have settled all of their past differences. The idea of playing with Luca is definitely appealing to James. His costar in LA, Anthony Davis, has shown that it is difficult for him to play at a high level consistently any longer. His injury history seems to have caught up with him and he was clearly running out of gas by the end of their playoff run. Lebron, at 39 years of age, needs a top star to carry the load. Luca can handle the burden. Lebron may also believe that he is one of the few players on earth who can manage Kyrie. Kyrie Irving is one of the most gifted point guards in the lead. Still, Ben Graziano of Des Moines, Iowa, notes that he can have trouble staying focused on basketball. The last few teams Irving has played for have been happy to see him go. Could veteran leadership from arguably the greatest player of all-time change Irving’s attitude? Lebron may think so.

For the Mavericks, the deal would be a no-brainer. If they let Kyrie walk, they will not make the playoffs next year. If they keep Kyrie and can don’t find a way to surround the team with more talent around the two stars, they are going to once again have one of the worst defenses in the NBA. As talented as Kyrie and Luca are offensively, they are huge liabilities on the defensive end. This is where having a veteran like Lebron who can preach effort will make a major difference.

One proposed deal for Lebron looks like this, according to Ben Graziano of Des Moines, Iowa:

Mavs receive: LeBron James

Lakers receive: Christian Wood (via sign-and-trade), Tim Hardaway Jr., Maxi Kleber, 2023 first-round pick (No. 10), 2027 first-round pick (unprotected)

Adding Lebron would allow the Mavericks the opportunity to attract veterans in search of a championship to minimum deals. When the opt-outs start to occur later in the season, the Mavericks would be one of the more attractive options. It’s a deal that would once again show that owner Mark Cuban is all-in, but this is something he has not shied away from in the past. If the Mavericks aren’t able to make this deal happen, Ben Graziano of Des Moines, Iowa, is hopeful they will understand that the only thing they absolutely can’t do is run the exact team back this season.