July 25, 2024
Antwane Lamar Walker

Antwane Walker on The True Power of Positive Thinking

Antwane Walker is a guide in the power of the mind and positive thinking. In the digital world, countless studies point to increased mental health issues like anxiety and depression. While many turn to medication to alleviate the side effects of these issues, Antwane Lamar Walker knows that shifting one’s mindset can significantly impact overall happiness. Today, Antwane Walker will guide those looking to unlock the power of positive thinking.

The first thing to understand about positive thinking is that it takes a commitment from the individual. Antwane Lamar Walker notes that many people are taught by society that the only way to be happy is to be successful in one’s career. Still, many successful people can enjoy success because of their positive approach to life. Choosing to see the positives in any situation will alleviate a lot of the aftermath of unfortunate situations. For instance, a person with a negative outlook may contract a cold and let it bring them down for a week, while a person who adopts a positive mindset will begin to actively notice their symptoms improving and express gratitude for their recovery.

In order to adopt a positive mindset, it’s important to nurture that mindset in all aspects of life. It takes work to grow a positive mindset, but it’s work that is well worth the reward. The easiest way to jumpstart positivity in one’s life is to start acknowledging all the positive things a person is blessed with. Expressing gratitude daily is essential to boosting positivity. Antwane Walker recommends keeping a journal and listing out everything in one’s life that is worth celebrating. The key is to start by simply acknowledging the little things in life. Someone new to positive thinking may list things like:

  • Thankful for another day.
  • Thankful for the opportunity to spend time with my family.
  • Thankful for laughter.
  • Thankful for my job, which allows me to provide for myself and my loved ones.
  • Thankful for a good night’s sleep.
  • Thankful for the warm shower I’m about to take.

These affirmations and signs of gratitude don’t need to be grandiose. Antwane Lamar Walker notes that practicing gratitude daily is a great way to teach oneself to positively frame their thoughts.

Antwane Walker is also a proponent of daily meditation. Understanding that meditation doesn’t come easy for everyone, Antwane Walker encourages people to take it easy on themselves when they meditate. People often grow frustrated when their mind is busy, and they feel like they didn’t meditate properly. Meditation should be approached with the mindset of breathing in positivity and breathing out all negativities. If the practice of following the breath is particularly difficult, allow yourself the grace of returning to the breath without judgment. The more a person grows frustrated or tries to fight their thoughts, the harder it will be to meditate. Carving out just minutes a day to meditate can profoundly impact one’s ability to maintain a positive mindset.

While the power of positivity comes from within, other people do play a role in our overall attitude. Surrounding oneself with a great support system is essential, but taking an active role in supporting the people we care about is even more important. When a person chooses to support loved ones, it provides us with a sense of purpose and can lead to a higher level of happiness. Taking an active role in the happiness of the people we care about is extremely fulfilling and can boost one’s overall mood.

Antwane Walker firmly believes that mental health is interconnected with physical health. Prioritizing exercise, sleep, and a proper diet can impact our mood and one’s cognitive function. No matter where a person starts in their fitness journey, the thing to focus on is praising oneself for getting started and staying consistent with their fitness routine. Antwane Walker recommends that those new to physical fitness consider trying different ways to get active. For instance, a person may try running for weeks and find that it is just not for them. Instead of quitting physical activity altogether and feeling defeated, Antwane Walker recommends trying weightlifting or playing for a recreational sports league. It is essential to find something a person enjoys and appreciates that they are advancing daily in their health journey.